Dementia mum who couldn't even recognise her own son gets her memory back after making a simple diet change

Sylvia Hatzer's memory had slipped so much that she couldn't recognise her own son – and was once hospitalised for her own safety after accusing nurses of kidnapping her.

But after switching to a Mediterranean-style diet she made such a dramatic recovery that the recipes have been shared by the Alzheimer's Society.

She also included broccoli, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, green tea, oats, sweet potatoes, and even dark chocolate.

Son Mark, 50, told how he devised the diet after reaching the "lowest point" of his life.

He said: "She didn’t recognise me and phoned the police as she thought she’d been kidnapped.

“Since my dad and brother died we have always been a very close little family unit, just me and my mum, so for her to not know who I was was devastating.

“We were a double act that went everywhere together. I despaired and never felt so alone as I had no other family to turn to.

“Overnight we went from a happy family to one in crisis.

“When she left hospital, instead of prescribed medication we thought we’d perhaps try alternative treatment.

"In certain countries Alzheimer’s is virtually unheard of because of their diet.

“Everyone knows about fish but there is also blueberries, strawberries, Brazil nuts and walnuts – these are apparently shaped like a brain to give us a sign that they are good for the brain.

“It wasn’t an overnight miracle but after a couple of months she began remembering things like birthdays and was becoming her old self again, more alert, more engaged.

“People think that once you get a diagnosis your life is at an end. You will have good and bad days but it doesn’t have to be the end.

“For an 82-year-old she does very well, she looks 10 years younger and if you met her you would not know she has gone through all this."

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