Don't force our pubs and restaurants to become agents of a growing Covid police state


SO now our struggling restaurants and pubs are being asked to become part of a growing Covid police state.

Scotland Yard has started writing to hospitality businesses telling them that individual premises need to snoop on customers to ensure groups are from one household or part of a support bubble.

A letter from the Met says: “This could include requesting photographic identification with names and addresses.”

What absolute nanny state madness.

What a total nightmare for these small businesses desperately trying to stay afloat.

It’s about time the government and the police realise the ONLY way we’re going to get through this crisis long-term is by using a large dose of common sense and ample dollop of trust to apply the rules.

So many questions are raised from this request from overzealous cops, who should be out there investigating real crimes like stabbings, burglaries and muggings.

Is it any business of my landlady who is in my support bubble or why? Or who lives with me and when?

Do individuals have a right to keep this information private if it is requested by a hospitality business?

What about business lunches? Officially, they are said to be allowed to continue, even if you are dining with someone from outside your support bubble.

Who is responsible if someone does choose to break the rules: The individual or the hospitality business?

And how does someone PROVE that they are with someone from their support bubble? There is no official government documentation connected to this rule.

Surely the sensible approach is for an assumption to be made that we are not breaking the law until there is a suggestion someone has actually done something wrong.

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