Dramatic video appears to show hero owner rescuing tiny dog from alligator's jaws in Florida

THIS is the incredible moment a man appears to rescue his tiny dog from an alligator's jaws.

The short video, which sees an unnamed man literally prizing open the gator's great mouth with his bare hands, has been viewed more than eight million times on TikTok.

It was shared with the caption: "Would you? Walking the dog in Florida around any body of water this is a risk we take.

"Florida wildlife be savages sometimes."

In what appears to be security camera footage, a man wearing a white top can be seen rummaging beneath the surface of a murky lake.

He then sensationally pulls a tiny, squirming dog from the depths – as well as a giant scaly gator's snout.

The man can be heard groaning as he drags the alligator to the edge of the lake.

The little dog emits high-pitched, terrified yelps as the man wrestles with the gator's giant teeth.

Incredibly, the little brown and white pup manages to wriggle free and bound away from the terrifying scene.

The man is left wrestling with the alligator as the video cuts out.

It's not yet clear where the incredible clip was filmed or who the man is – but it's thought it may have been uploaded to a local Facebook group.

And it's not the first time a pup has fallen prey to a deadly Florida gator.

In September a giant alligator devoured a German Shepherd pup while she played in her backyard, leaving her owners heartbroken.

And just last week a giant gator-zilla was seen strolling along a golf course.

American Alligators have been known to grow huge in size, with the biggest ever captured in Florida an eyewatering 5.31 metres long.

And the monster didn't look far off that enormous measurement.

Social media users were left in awe, with some even making comparisons to a certain fictional monster.

One wrote: "Godzilla lives in Naples!"

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