Driver swerves and misses a cyclist 'by inches' on 70mph road

Driver swerves and misses a cyclist ‘by inches’ on 70mph road before spinning off and crashing into a ditch

  • Shocking footage shows silver car veer wildly on the A171 and crash off the road 
  • Cyclist James Hannaway said that he was left feeling ‘sick’ by the accident 
  • Vehicle missed him and he was able to help the driver out of his car 

This is the shocking moment a driver crashed after swerving to miss a cyclist he spotted at the last second.

Footage shows a silver car veer wildly off the road near Pinchinthorpe after almost hitting a rider. Seconds after the vehicle hits the grass by the side of the A171, the cyclist leaps off.

He can be seen stumbling as he ditches his bike to run to the aid of the motorist, whose car is badly dented.

James Hannaway shared footage of his near-miss on Twitter after being nearly run off the road. 

The video shows him running toward the car after getting off his bike following the close shave.

He tweeted: ‘Inches from death for both of us. First thing he asked when I got him out of the car “Did I hit you?” Thankfully not.’

The car is pictured just after it swerved to miss the bicycle before it went careering off the road

Mr Hannaway can be heard telling somebody on the roadside: ‘He’s just come off. He’s all right. He’s just missed me right. I think he’s seen me at the last minute and he’s swerved and then he didn’t make it back up.’

Commenting under the clip, Andrew Taafe wrote: ‘So glad you’re safe after that.’

But @PompeyCyclist took issue with the state of the tarmac in the video, saying: ‘Alive. He’s alive. He’s not safe because he gets to ride on that s****y road again tomorrow.’ 

Pictured: The car after it crashed off the road at the A171 near Pinchinthorpe when it veered to avoid a cyclist 

Mr Hannaway said afterwards: ‘The driver got out of the car with my help and was holding his side because it hurt but when the ambulance came he was put on a spinal board. 

‘I stayed with him and calmed him down until the ambulance and police arrived. I felt sick when I watched the video at home and realised what could have been so different for both of us.’ 

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