Drunk England fan accidentally orders 160 McDonald's chicken nuggets

Drunk England fan accidentally orders ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY McDonald’s chicken nuggets costing nearly £60 as revellers wake up feeling worse for wear after celebrating 3-0 Wales win

  • One England fan accidentally bought 160 chicken McNuggets last night 
  • Brits reported having ‘fuzzy heads’ today after toasting England’s win last night 
  • Gareth Southgate’s men will face Senegal on Sunday after topping Group B
  • Fan zones across the country are running out of tickets for Sunday’s clash
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A drunk England fan accidentally ordered 160 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s after knocking back drinks enjoying watching the crunch match last night.

The reveller – whose identity is unknown – was so intoxicated after celebrating the result they were unable to comprehend how to use Deliveroo.

She had only wanted a normal portion of 20 pieces but ended up with 8 times that amount. 

The suffering supporter told MailOnline: ‘I remember thinking the bag was very heavy, then when I opened it, it was just box after box after box of chicken nuggets. 

Big McStake: England fan accidentally orders 160 chicken nuggets after night of celebrating England’s win against Wales

‘I think I must have been trying to add sweet and sour sauce but instead was adding extra nuggets. 

‘At least it meant today’s breakfast and lunch are sorted!’ 

England fans who were able to go out and watch the match were waking up with sore heads today after celebrating their thumping 3-0 victory against Wales at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar last night. 


Commuters reported trains being noticeably empty on Wednesday morning after Gareth Southgate’s men advanced to the knockout stages, lining up a clash with Senegal at 7pm on Sunday. 

Pubs across the country roared last night when the Three Lions finally broke the deadlock of the first half with a stunning freekick goal from Marcus Rashford. Then barely moment later they were celebrating again as Phil Foden made it two, before Rashford added a third over ten minutes later. 

England fans react at the Budweiser Fan Festival London at Outernet, during a screening of the FIFA World Cup Group B match

Fans in Manchester watch Wales vs England as Harry Kane and co go 3-0 up in the match

Elsewhere, an NHS trust urged anyone who may have had a little too much to drink to ‘stay home’ and rehydrate – suggesting worse-for-wear fans had been turning up to A&E seeking medical help. 

The Epsom and St Helier Trust tweeted: ‘If you had too much to drink and are feeling the effects today, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

‘Hangovers can be treated at home. Please keep our Emergency Departments free for those who need them.’

Other fans took to social media to report feeling a bit worse for wear this morning as they complained of having to go to work. 

‘Head is a bit fuzzy this morning after watching and celebrating England’s win last night,’ one wrote on Twitter, ‘Work will drag today I can tell.’ 

Another said: ‘Hate getting up on these cold early mornings but it’s even worse when you’re hungover… but this is the punishment for stopping up late celebrating England’s win… wish I was still in bed.’  

An NHS trust urged anyone who may have had a little too much to drink to ‘stay home’ and rehydrate

England fans report feeling a bit worse for wear this morning after celebrating last night’s victory against Wales

One commuter added: ‘Train is empty this morning after an England match… hangovers’, next to a laughing emoji. 

It comes as venues across the country hosting viewing events for Sunday’s Senegal clash are quickly selling out. 

The popular TalkSport fan zone immediately sold all of its Standard and Early Bird tickets last night, with only a handful of VIP tickets remaining this morning. 

England fans were filled with optimism for their country’s chances following last night’s triumph. 

Marketing student Hermilla Emanuel, 18, said: ‘I think we will get to the semi-finals. We have a good team.

‘Jude Bellingham is my favourite player. He is my age and has a lot of skills and grew up here in Birmingham.

‘If England don’t win the World Cup, I hope it’s Portugal as I love Ronaldo and would like him to win it before he retires.’

Her friend, architecture student Gracieth Vemba, 19, added: ‘My favourite is Raheem Sterling. I feel he is a really good aspect to the team. I think we have got a chance but Brazil and France are both looking really good.’

Design manager Glenn Cook, 30, said after the result: ‘Who knows what is possible?

‘They have got a good squad. Maybe we will be swept away by a higher quality team but this World Cup has showed that there are no certainties.’

Fans in London watch Wales v England – London, Britain – November 29, 2022 England fans celebrate at boxpark Wembley after the match

Fans in London watch Wales v England – London, Britain – November 29, 2022 England fans celebrate at boxpark Wembley after Marcus Rashford scores their third goa

And then it was three! Rashford’s second made it 3-0 and powered England to top the group

Fans in Manchester watch Wales v England – Manchester, Britain – November 29, 2022 England fans celebrate at the Depot Mayfield

England fans celebrate their side’s third goal of the game, scored by England’s Marcus Rashford, at BoxPark Croydon

Three-sy does it! Supporters in Manchester were over the moon at the result in Qatar

His friend, Scott Rutter, 41, a quantity surveyor, said: ‘The more we get into this World Cup, the more the excitement builds. The group stages have flashed by and we’re going through.

‘Based on our previous displays I wasn’t that hopeful but they are a half decent side and after the Euros we expect a lot.

‘I would like to think we’d beat Senegal and perhaps they will build on that and just get better.’

Jubilant workers had bragged of swift exits from the office, with many heading straight to the pub on a day when some £215million is expected to be spent on booze.

Generous bosses had allowed staff to be flexible in the hours running up to the much-anticipated clash in Qatar.

Some had even been offering to provide a £25 bar tab for drinks and food, and paracetamol for the inevitable sore heads tomorrow morning.

One fan admitted earlier ‘With the USA we expected a better result. – we didn’t get that but hopefully we can pull it through.’

‘They could go quite far this year I believe. It’s the World Cup, a lot of unexpected games a lot of unexpected scores.

‘I reckon we’ve at least got a chance to go to the finals.’

Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions have won the last six matches against their rivals, but Rob Page’s men, led by talisman Gareth Bale, need their first win over England since 1984 and other results to go their way as their last 16 hopes hang by a thread. 

Just before kick off the crowd at the BoxPark venue in London were treated to a performance from Atomic Kitten stars Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton.

They danced and sang on the stage with a cut out of England manager Gareth Southgate as fans chanted ‘It’s coming home, it’s coming home.’

Aman Lakhwani, 19, Caspar Brown, 18, and Tyler Nash, also 19, told MailOnline they’d be watching the game on almost no sleep after getting off their 40-hour flight from Sydney this morning.

The trio made a beeline straight for Wetherspoons in Victoria station, but watched England take on Wales from the fan area in Box Park, Croydon.

‘If they lose to Wales it’s just going to be depressing because no-one wants Wales to win, apart from Welsh people,’ Brown said.

While a loss would be a ‘depressing’ outcome after travelling so far, Brown said he wouldn’t be too heartbroken.

‘An England loss doesn’t necessarily mean they’re guaranteed to be out of the group… Southgate knows what he’s doing.’ 

David Hawthorne, 39, the deputy manager of Sports Bar and Grill in Victoria Station said he’s confident of a win for England.

‘I think we’ll win. We’d have to lose 4-0 to get knocked out so I’m quite confident we’ll go through,’ he said.

‘I was born over here so I’ve always been a big England fan.’

While he’s excited for the match, Mr Hawthorne is bracing himself for a busy night in the bar.

‘The last England game it was busy and there were a few disasters which happened. Bits breaking down and going all over the place,’ he said.

‘They don’t get really rowdy here to be honest. It’s a good atmosphere – you get everyone up cheering and they do enjoy themselves.’

Other fans fear they won’t remember the game after starting too early on the beers.

In Hull, electrician James Halford admitted that by 3pm he was already on his tenth drink of the day. 

Clutching a vodka and orange in the city’s Yates bar, James, 24, said: ‘At this rate I won’t even make the game. And if I do, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to remember it. 

‘We started on the booze first thing this morning – I took the day off work. ‘But I’m meant to be in tomorrow at 7.30am. I’m not looking forward to it at all.’ 

Pal Tom Sweeney, 25, added: ‘We went to a Kasabian gig in Sheffield last night, so we haven’t really stopped drinking since then.

‘We’re having a great time. And Gareth Southgate is going to make it even better later.’ 

Meanwhile, fans arriving at Croydon’s famous Box Park were looking forward to a few beers and staying dry after being handed ponchos.

Time to play: England fans bristled with anticipation ahead of the Qatar kick-off last night

England and Wales fans are leaving work early to pack pubs on both sides of the border ahead of Tuesday’s ‘Battle of Britain’ in the World Cup

Scott Smith (left) and Sam Marks (right) raise their glass at Boxpark in Croydon this afternoon

Fans wear ponchos that are handed out on entry to Box Park Croydon, to keep dry when beer goes flying when a goal is scored

David Hawthorne (pictured), 39, the deputy manager of Sports Bar and Grill in Victoria Station said he’s confident of a win for England

Others have travelled from as far as Australia for the match. Aman Lakhwani (left), 19, Caspar Brown (right), 18, and Tyler Nash (back right), also 19, told MailOnline they’d be watching the game on almost no sleep after getting off their 40-hour flight from Sydney this morning

England Supporters at BOXPARK Croydon watch the England vs Wales World Cup clash

Boxpark Croydon was getting busy as fans massed to cheer on the Three Lions against Wales

The south London venue is famous for its beer sodden celebrations with drinks flying everywhere in celebration and sold out the £20 a head 1200 capacity within minutes of going online.

Emergency responder Alice Gill, 31, and her boyfriend bank manager Joe Murphy, 32, were the first punters through the door.

Clutching a pint, Arsenal fan Alice told MailOnline: ‘I’m really looking forward to the game and fingers crossed we will win and go into the knockout stage.

‘We’ve got ponchos with the tickets and we may have to use them because we’ve seen the pictures and it looks quite lively.’

England v Wales World Cup fans ahead of the match with flags, beers and masks in Birmingham Grant Arms pub

An England fan and a Wales fan pose in Qatar before Tuesday’s World Cup Group B clash

Generous bosses have allowed their staff to be flexible in the hours running up to the much-anticipated clash in Qatar, with some even offering to provide a £25 bar tab for drinks and food, and paracetamol for the inevitable sore heads tomorrow morning

Pictured: Ross Kayley at the Fox Inn in Oswestry, who predicts England will win 4-2

Fans head to the stadium before the massive match in Qatar’s World Cup tournament

England fans enjoy the pre match atmosphere prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group B match between Wales and England at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Facepainting was observed in Qatar as a proud fan was daubed with the St George flag

Joe, who took a half day of work, added: ‘It’s our first time here and I’m excited to see what the atmosphere is like. If it’s anything like you see from pictures and TV it will be great.

‘If England win it’s going to be mad in here and I’m sure they can do it.’

Aaron Broomfield, 28, and his partner Rebecca Sinclair, both from Sunderland, took three days off work to travel to London to experience the fanfare.

While Ms Sinclair isn’t as diehard a fan as her partner, she’s still supporting England. 

Mr Broomfield said he missed the last World Cup in 2018 due to illness and now wants to make up for lost time.

‘Football is a massive part of my life. I follow it religiously… I think we should have a strong chance. I think we should have more than enough for them based on what I’ve seen of Wales so far. I know we weren’t that great against USA but we will still have enough for Wales.

‘I think he (Southgate) should lead us to victory today. I’m not sure going forward if he’s the right man.’

Mr Broomfield said: ‘If we lose, I would be annoyed and devastated. I don’t think we should be getting beat today.’ If England were to win the entire competition, Mr Broomfield said it’d be ‘the best day of his life’.

Darren Adams (pictured), 50, electric manager from Crawley, West Sussex, he has a wife and three older children who have either moved out or are at university. He says he is ‘100%’ supporting England

Aaron Broomfield, 28, and his partner Rebecca Sinclair, 27, from Sunderland, took three days off work to watch the World Cup from London 

Darren Adams, 50, an electric manager from Crawley, West Sussex, has a wife and three older children who have either moved out or are at university. He is ‘100%’ supporting England.

He has had meetings since the early morning, but finished the day with a pint in a sports bar in Victoria ahead of the game.

He said: ‘I think England will win but it will be by the odd goal. I think England are not playing the best but I still think they’ve got enough to beat Wales.

‘To be fair if England play to their potential they should beat them by quite a few goals. But England is not playing well.’

He’s going to be watching the football with his wife at home. He said: ‘(I’ll be watching) with my wife, whether she likes it or not. The only good thing is if the football is on, Emmerdale won’t be on.’

‘Southgate comes from the town I live in now, my wife went to school with Southgate. I don’t love his tactics because he ain’t got a plan B, but hopefully he’ll have one tonight.

‘(If England win) I’ll be celebrating no end because I’ve got them in my sweepstake for work.’

Tom Sweeney, 25, and pal James Halford, 24, were ready to roar the Three Lions onto victory

Tom Sweeney and friend James had warmed up with a Kasabian gig the night earlier

Insurance broker Sam Marks, 32, had also taken half a day off work and to join pal Scott Smith, 32, who finished his shift on the railway at lunchtime.

Liverpool supporter Sam said: ‘I’ve been here before and the atmosphere is great. We got a VIP table right at the front and the beer is flowing nicely. I’ve got a good feeling about England and hopefully this time it really will come home. We’ve waited long enough.’

Crystal Palace fan Scott said: ‘It’s been a good tournament so far football wise and there have been some surprise results but I’m not expecting any shocks tonight, just a 4-1 England win.’

Sam added: ‘The only thing I will say is that it would have been good if Harry Kane had worn the LGBT armband like he said he was going to and make a stand. I was a bit disappointed he and the team didn’t follow through on that.’

Officials at the venue estimate they will sell more than 4,000 pints for the match – more than sold at venues in Doha they point out although they’re is an alcohol ban there.

Young Wales football fans in the city centre of Cardiff ahead of last night’s World Cup clash

Alice Gill and Joe Murphy enjoy pints at Croydon’s Boxpark before Tuesday’s big game

An England fan at a pub in Birmingham raises his glass before last night’s crunch match with Wales

Two young Wales fans embrace before their team’s clash with England in the ‘Battle of Britain’ last night 

Pictured: (L-R) England fan Penny Kerr with partner Mark Hoff who is a Wales supporter pose for a picture by the giant bucket hat in the city centre of Cardiff

England fans hit the bar early as they enjoy a morning pint at the Five Swans pub in Newcastle

Welsh fans Ceiron Watkins, Jack Grout, Elliot Jones, Sam Barton and Harry Wren enjoy a pre-match beer in Tenerife

Earlier, a number of business leaders revealed the steps they are taking to let their staff be flexible and enjoy the football. 

Chris Schutrups, of The Mortgage Hut, said: ‘We’re supporting our team by offering them either time off or time in lieu if they’re not a football fan.

‘As a thank you to our team members for their hard work, we are also offering an allowance, which will be paid in their monthly pay, of £25 per match to use on food or drinks.’

Ross Boyd, CEO at Dashly.com, added: ‘If someone wants to slip off early to get a few beers in before the match, we certainly won’t hold it against them.

‘This is one of the biggest sporting events in this country for some time so you’d think most employers would get into the spirit of things. Equally, we’ll be bringing in some paracetamol tomorrow as there may well be a few sore heads.’

Many streets across the country appeared deserted today as Britain ground to a halt in preparation for the crucial Group B fixture. 

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