EasyJet passenger 'suffers horrific burn' from scalding pot of noodles

EasyJet passenger ‘suffered horrendous burns when crew member spilled scalding-hotpot noodle on her’ on flight home from Tenerife

  • Debby Rogers, from Chippenham, says she was burned by EasyJet noodle pot
  • Hot water seeped through two layers of clothing, including a thick cardigan
  • EasyJet blame coronavirus for its slow reply to Debby’s complaint

 An easyJet passenger says she suffered horrific burns after a crew member spilled scalding hot water from a noodle pot on her.

Debby Rogers shared graphic pictures of her blistered shoulder, which she claims was caused on board her return flight from Tenerife last month (February).

The passenger from Chippenham, Norfolk, said hot water seeped through two layers of clothing, including a thick cardigan.

Debby Rogers, from Chippenham, Norfolk, says an EasyJet crew member spilled scalding hot water from a noodle pot on to her shoulder during a flight home from Tenerife 

Cabin crew filled out an accident form with Debby after she suffered the burn in February. When she did not hear back from the airline company, she shared a picture of her injury 

Sharing photos online, Debby wrote: ‘Would love someone to reply to my correspondence with you via website form about this burn I received on 19-2-20 when returning from Tenerife.  

‘It was caused by the boiling hot water in a pot noodle that a cabin crew member lose her grip of.

‘This is through a chunky cardigan, which was ruined, and a short sleeved blouse.

‘An incident /accident form along with a this photo was taken/completed by cabin crew while on the flight.

‘Not at all happy with lack of response and customer care service.’  

Shocked friends voiced their concern.

Tanya Dagger wrote: ‘Omg Deb this is terrible and shocking that they haven’t replied.’

Another suggested the burnt flyer contact a solicitor.

EasyJet said it was slow in getting back to Debby over the spillage of Mr Lee’s Chicken Laksa Noodles (above) was spilled, as it was busy with the coronavirus

EasyJet’s customer service team soon got back to Debby and pinned its slow reply on being busy due to the coronavirus. 

 A member of the team wrote: ‘I’m so sorry to hear about this happening to you Debby. It can take up to 28 days for a response to your website form.

‘Time taken to get back can be a bit longer due to the ongoing coronavirus.

‘Someone will be in touch with you.’   

EasyJet’s online menu includes a Mr Lee’s Chicken Laksa Noodle for £3 which is described as ‘fragrant chicken curry rice noodles with coconut, cauliflower, green beans and turmeric.’

MailOnline has approached EasyJet for a comment. 

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