Enjoy This Delightful 1988 Sesame Street Clip Demolishing Donald Trump

When President Donald Trump proposed cutting funds for the Corporation For Public Broadcasting (which partly sponsors PBS), one recognizable face from everyone’s childhood was not pleased with his plan: Elmo. But the puppet’s newly released and albeit rogue skit criticizing Trump is not actually the first time a Sesame Street character has parodied the president — in fact, they’ve been doing it for decades, and this vintage clip is a shining example of the show’s prowess.

The 1988 segment chronicles a developer, cleverly named Ronald Grump, who wants to build a “candiminium” on Sesame Street. With high hopes of building “Grump Tower,” the real estate mogul bribes Oscar the Grouch with a room in the tower for his property — and it doesn’t turn out exactly as the puppet planned.

Decidedly the villain in the episode, Grump’s stint on Sesame Street is temporary (similar to Trump’s fluctuating real estate pursuits) and the cast forces him off the block. However, according to The Washington Post, a version of the Grump character returns at least two other times on the show. Watch for yourself and enjoy the simple satisfaction of Trump being burned by a cast of puppets.

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/news/Sesame-Street-Grump-Tower-Skit-About-Donald-Trump-43335328

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