Father flees wrecked car but leaves his SON inside after crashing

Father flees wrecked Ford Focus but leaves his SON inside after crashing into wall then ploughing into hedge

  • The car was crashed into a garden and hedgerows in Airmyn, East Yorkshire
  • Police and paramedics were called after the driver fled the scene of the crash 
  • Man left his adult son in damaged vehicle following crash on Saturday night

A father crashed his car through a garden wall in a quiet village before fleeing the scene and leaving his adult son in the damaged vehicle.

Humberside Police officers were called out to Airmyn, near Goole, at around 9pm on Saturday night and found the passenger by himself in the black Ford Focus.

The car left a trail of destruction in its wake, as it crashed across the front garden of a bungalow and through a wall before coming to a halt in a nearby hedgerow. 

Police were called to the scene of a crash in which the driver left his son in the car and fled

Humberside Police officers were called out to Airmyn, near Goole, at around 9pm on Saturday

The driver was heading towards the A614 and Glews Garage when he crashed, ripping off his front bumper and causing major damage to the front of the car.

A witness at the scene said: ‘A black Ford Focus lost control and crashed through a garden wall before ending up smashing its way into a huge hedge.

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‘Police and ambulance crews dashed to the scene. When I got there, the police had just got the car pulled from the hedge and onto the road.

‘The car also took out a fir tree in the front garden, which was jammed into the hedge having been torn out by its roots by the car.’

The front of the car was smashed and the bumper ripped off, before the driver fled the scene

Pictures taken at the scene show the destruction left behind. Garden ornaments were destroyed, and rubble and car debris left scattered across the ground.

The extent of the damage to the car was also revealed. The front bumper of the vehicle was torn off, with heavy front-end and side damage also clear to see.

A recovery truck later arrived at the scene to take the vehicle away. The drama happened in what is usually a sleepy village just under three miles from Goole. 

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