Florida officer shoves teen from roof as partner shouts, ‘Push him off!’

Shocking bodycam footage shows a Florida cop pushing an 18-year-old off a roof as his colleague shouts, “Push him off!”

The unidentified teen, accused of taking his girlfriend’s car without permission, was cornered by cops in Florida as he sat calmly on the edge of a first-story roof in Kissimmee, according to WFTV.

“Now you have no choice to jump down, right?” an officer who climbed up to approach him said in what was initially a calm exchange.

Sgt. Anthony Amada, one of two cops on the ground, aimed a Taser at him and repeatedly commanded his officer, “Just push him off! Push him off!”

The teen sounded confused and appeared eager to tell the officers he was not resisting and wanted to get down by climbing through a window, the footage released to WFTV shows.

Instead, he was shoved off — immediately getting tased as he hit the ground after a fall of more than 9 feet, the station said.

“Hey, I’m down! I’m not resisting!” he can be heard pleading. “I’m not resisting, bro,” he added as they cuffed him on the ground.

The suspect was not injured, but Police Chief Jeff O’Dell admitted that the “decision to push the suspect off the roof could have resulted in significant injury,” the station reported.

The dramatic bodycam footage was released following an internal investigation by Kissimmee police. WFTV did not give a date for the incident

Amada — already facing disciplinary action in a separate case — resigned from the force in June.

The internal affairs report into the case says he would’ve been fired anyway because his order to push the man off the roof “is not indicative of a supervisor with 14 years of experience.”

Officer Plenio Massiah, who pushed him, lost eight hours’ vacation “for failing to follow KPD general order,” the station said.

“Members shall use only the degree of force necessary to affect lawful objectives,” the ruling against him stated, according to the report.

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