Football legend Paddy Crerand tells cop to 'f*** off' after she asks him to spell his name

The Man Utd hero, 79, blamed his language on “being Scottish” and said it was a way of expressing himself in home town Glasgow.

Crerand had “three or four glasses of wine” before crashing into a car yards from his home in Sale, Gtr Manchester, at 1.30am.

Driver Thomas Smith told a court he called police after Crerand initially refused to give his details in January.

Mr Smith said: “After I asked if he was OK, he started saying, ‘I can’t believe what you have f***ing done’.

“I tried to explain it was my right of way but he didn’t listen.

“He said people are never on this road at this time of night.

“We called police and when they asked for details he eventually said his name. When a female officer asked how to spell it, he said, ‘If they can’t spell it, tell them to f**k off’.”

Midfielder Crerand played 304 games in the Busby Babes side from 1963-71 and won the European Cup in 1968.

He said he only got behind the wheel when wife Noreen fell ill.

Crerand, now a pundit, said: “I probably did use bad language. We use it all the time on the football pitch. If you go to Glasgow, it’s the first thing you hear.”

He was given a 22-month driving ban after admitting being nearly twice the limit.

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