Frozen UK to finally warm up as temperatures set to rocket 14 DEGREES in just three days

Forecasters expect the fallout from the Beast from the East to come to a gradual end as the mercury shoots up.

What we know so far:

  • Families told to evacuate their homes as Britain braces for intense flooding
  • Charlie Pope, 19, became the 16th victim of the Beast from the East after cops found his body in a Manchester canal
  • Thousands of commuters were left stranded at rail stations across the country on Friday night
  • Looters targeted a storm-damaged Lidl store in Dublin – even ripping its roof off to get to the safe
  • Some rail passengers jumped onto the tracks after their train became stranded in Lewisham on Friday evening
  • The military was been pulled in to help clear traffic after hundreds of drivers were stranded overnight on Britain's roads 
  • In a bizarre phenomenon freezing rain was pictured turning the nation's roads into ice rinks
  • Motorists have been evacuated from the Isle of Wight by helicopter after the roads have become too dangerous to use
  • Football matches were cancelled throughout the lower leagues and Scotland
  • At least 9,000 were left without electricity in the north of the country as power supplies suffer in the chill
  • Hundreds of flights in and out of UK and Irish airports were cancelled

London will see highs of 10C – hotter than 9C Istanbul – on Monday as the snow starts to melt away.

Other cities will have to wait before hitting double digits, with highs of 8C in Manchester and Birmingham, 9C in Southampton and Cardiff, 6C in Newcastle and Belfast and just 5C in Scotland.

But snow warnings will remain in place throughout Scotland and parts of northern England.

It comes after parts of the country were hit by -4C temperatures on Friday.

Environment Agency chiefs have issued 15 flood warnings, mainly in the South West and North East, and Wales.

A total of 33 alerts will remain in place for next week.

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said: "Through the rest of tomorrow afternoon we've got spells of rain across the South, perhaps turning to sleet at times.

"But we really are losing that risk of snow across much of southern England and Wales through Sunday as temperatures return towards normal for a lot of places.

"There is quite a lot of snow in some places across the South…so it's going to be some time before all that snow melts away but temperature-wise over the next few days it's definitely going to help things.

A hazardous mix of melting snow, high tides and heavy rainfall prompted 15 alerts from Sunderland to Cornwall – with 51 areas facing flooding.

"The main point is it's gradually turning milder so we are seeing an end to widespread cold conditions from this weekend onwards."
Last week treacherous driving conditions saw cops call on the help of the military in helping evacuate motorists from the roads.

The combination of Storm Emma and the Beast from the East paralysed the UK, causing commuter chaos and closing schools throughout the country.

A Met Office warning is in place for further snow throughout Saturday and into the evening for parts of northern England and Scotland, with overnight lows of -3 to -4°C in rural areas.

Floods caused by dangerous tides and thawing snow engulfed homes in Lizard and Porthallow in Cornwall.

Thursday alone saw ten deaths, including a girl aged seven, on the coldest March day on record

A homeless man in Canterbury, Kent, was one of the four who died yesterday. The 40-year-old was discovered in his sleeping bag at the Catching Lives shelter, which took in several rough sleepers.

Coastal areas of Devon also suffered as huge waves and strong winds buffeted towns including Paignton.

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