Fuel tanker erupts into massive fireball after crashing on highway

A fuel tanker erupted into an enormous fireball after crashing Monday on a highway in northern Italy, leaving one dead and at least 55 others injured.

The fiery blast was so powerful, it shook homes near Bologna Airport and caused a bridge to partially collapse, according to the Independent.

Video on social media showed the tanker bursting into a gigantic mushroom cloud of orange flames and a thick plume of black smoke pouring into the sky.

Other posts showed cars at a Peugeot dealership on fire below the roadway. A building at the dealership had its windows blown out from the blast.

Italian news agency ANSA said the tanker was transporting flammable substances and exploded on impact.

Some of the dozens who were injured were struck by flying glass by blown-out windows, Italian news channel Sky TG24 reported.

Police closed the highway and the surrounding area of Borgo Panigale.

In a tweet, Bologna Airport said it wasn’t affected by the explosion.

“Huge #explosion on the #Bologna motorway, #Bologna airport is not involved, flights are running regularly,” the post said.

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