Furious gym-goer returns to changing rooms to find ‘mystery masturbator has covered his towel in semen’ – The Sun

A TEENAGER was furious when he discovered a fellow gym-goer masturbated into his towel in the changing rooms, it has been claimed.

Mohammed Ali, 17, left his towel on a wall rail while he went to use the loo inside the changing rooms after a gym session.

The waiter said he heard the door outside swing open with heavy footsteps following, but he didn’t think anything of it until he found the towel soiled with “something white”.

He said no one was in the changing room when he found the towel and complained the next day to staff.

Ali usually hits the gym between 10pm and 1am to avoid crowds on the weight floor.

He said the mystery present was left at about 1am on May 3.

Ali said workers the Pump Gyms in Northampton looked at CCTV and said the stain “wasn’t shampoo” before handing the footage over to police.

Northamptonshire Police are now investigating.


He said: "I was only one of four people in the gym at that time, I reckon. I went to the toilet for five minutes, and left my towel on a wall rail by the cubicle.

"I didn't hear anybody come in or out — I was too busy on my phone to notice.

"I came out and they'd already left, and as I was washing my hands I noticed my towel had been touched, so I opened it up and had a closer look.

"I could see something white, and at first I thought it was shampoo that had leaked from my bag or something — so I went to touch it and give it a smell.

"It turns out it was what I was hoping it not to be — the person who had come in the changing room while I was in the toilet masturbated on my towel.

"I was so angry, so so so so angry I didn't know what to do.

"I went back to the gym the next day and I find the assistant manager and tell him what happened — and he was as disgusted as I was.

"Thankfully the gym staff have all been extremely supportive throughout this whole incident and have given me good advice."

Ali said he’s been left “disgusted and shocked”.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police said: "This happened between midnight and 1.30am on 2nd May at a gym in Gladstone Road, Northampton, when a report was made that a man had committed this offence in the changing rooms.

"We have spoken to the victim and are investigating this in partnership with the gym."

Pump Gyms Northampton declined to comment.

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