Furious Trump calls for election votes to ‘STOP being counted’ as Biden edges closer in Georgia and Pennsylvania

FURIOUS Donald Trump called for votes to "stop being counted" as Joe Biden continued to edge closer in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The president took to Twitter on Thursday and fumed: "STOP THE COUNT!"

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Trump has called for votes to stop being counted and has even undergone legal action to try and make it happen.

He is prepared to give Democrats a court battle "they'll never forget" over the counting of mail-in ballots.

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits to stop vote-counting in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia to demand better access for Republican observers to locations where ballots are being counted.

The president's campaign also filed a lawsuit to intervene in a Pennsylvania case at the Supreme Court that deals with whether ballots received up to three days after the election can be counted.

Trump's campaign is also set to make an announcement in Nevada on Thursday.

Violence erupted in Arizona last night as Trump supporters stormed a voting center, screaming "stop the steal".

Pictures and video showed armed MAGA supporters protesting the election results at the Maricopa County Elections Department office in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday night.

In Detroit, Michigan, Trump fans were filmed screaming "stop the vote" at a counting site on Wednesday, as they tried to keep ballots from being tallied.

America is anxiously waiting for the results of the nail-biting race in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, which Biden is hoping could help give him the keys to the White House.

Races in Georgia, with 16 electoral votes, are still too close to call as Biden came within one point of Trump in the traditionally red Peach State on Wednesday night.

But if those states' results are finalized on Thursday, Biden could claim victory and the race could be over.

Trump still leads in Pennsylvania by about 164,000 votes but in a similar theme with other states where he is leading – that margin is shrinking.

The state still has about 750,000 mail-in ballots left to be counted, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

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