Ghislaine Maxwell demands Epstein pays her legal fees 'potentially taking money from victims SHE is accused of abusing'

GHISLAINE Maxwell is demanding her legal bills are paid by her pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein's estate – potentially taking money from alleged victims she is accused of molesting, The Sun can reveal.

Maxwell, 58, who was arrested last week by the FBI on child sex trafficking charges, filed a lawsuit against the Epstein estate seeking cash from her former lover back in March.

Lawyers for Epstein's alleged pimp asked for, "an advancement of attorney's fees, security costs, costs to find safe accommodation and all other expenses" in connection with any "threatened, pending, or completed suit, proceeding or investigation relating to Epstein, his affiliated business and his alleged victims."

Court papers filed in the US Virgin Islands last month, obtained by The Sun, show that while Epstein's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss, the case is still open, after her lawyers asked for a delay until September.

Spencer Kuvin, who represents victims of the disgraced financier, branded Maxwell's demands "disgusting" saying it could take funds that would go to victims.

He also pointed out how Maxwell had enough money to buy herself a luxury hideaway in Bradford, New Hampshire, where she was apprehended on Thursday, and questioned why she needed help with legal fees.

Kuvin told The Sun: "I find it disgusting that a co-conspirator may somehow diminish the funds available to the victims that she has been charged with molesting.

"Further, it is ironic that Ms Maxwell was able to pay for a multi-million dollar estate in New Hampshire in cash, but she apparently does not have sufficient funds available to pay for her own legal defense.

"Our hope is that the U.S. Attorneys office in the U.S. Virgin Islands, does not permit any of the assets to be used in any way to satisfy anything other than claims by victims against the fund.

Maxwell had originally claimed in court documents in March that Epstein, who was found dead last year awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, had promised her "repeatedly" he would support her financially "both in writing and in conversation".

The documents state that in 2004: "Maxwell received a typewritten letter from Epstein with a handwritten note asking Maxwell to remain in Epstein's employ and promising that no matter what Maxwell chose to do, Epstein would always support her financially."

She also claims she "had no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein's alleged misconduct, but nonetheless has been required to pay significant legal fees, personal security costs, and other expenses because the alleged events occurred while she was employed by Epstein and his affiliated businesses."

Lawyers working on behalf of the billionaire's estate filed a motion to dismiss in May calling her claims "dubious".

In documents filed at the Superior Court, they added: "Maxwell does not allege that any lawsuits for which she seeks indemnification are related to her performance of legitimate, employment-related duties for Mr. Epstein or his affiliated businesses.

"To the contrary, the claims asserted against Maxwell to date relate to her own misconduct including that she sexually abused young women and, in one case, threatened a potential witness’ life."

Maxwell faces 35 years in jail on child grooming and perjury charges related to Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring.

She was transferred to Brooklyn’s tough Metropolitan Detention Centre from a jail in New Hampshire and is due to appear in court on Friday.

She has previously denied any wrongdoing.

Epstein was found dead in his cell last August as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges.

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