Giant gaggle of FIFTY-ONE goslings go for a swim with their mum across Canadian lake for the first time

These incredible photos capture the chicks huddling together to follow the goose across the lake in Leduc, Canada.

Photographer Joe Chowaniec, who took the pictures, said: "My first reaction, was 'wow'. I have photographed a lot of birds and geese and I have seen 15-20 goslings maybe, but not this many – it was quite the sight.

Joe said the mum and her mate have adopted the chicks from first-time parents to give the youngsters a better chance of survival.

He added: "The local wildlife expert said that this pair are much older than a lot of the other geese. They will take them under their care from first time parents for a better chance of survival.

"It is almost like gosling day care, other geese will leave them with experienced parents, while they go off and do geese things.

"A little guy was found orphaned somewhere else and he was released into this group. He ran right to the group and was accepted right away with no issue.

"They seem to naturally know to keep very close to mum and dad. There is lots of squawking from the pair to keep them together."

Geese have the strongest bond to parents of any other bird, often remaining with them for a year or more.

In order to survive, the chicks must remain close to the mother.

By following her as she hunts for food, it strengthens their recognition of her.

Like swans, Canadian geese are monogamous and will only seek out a new mate if their partner dies.

Canada geese are well known for forming "geese creches".

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