Girl suffers horror injuries in dog attack as she was wrestled from its jaws

These are the shocking injuries a 10-year-old girl suffered after she was wrestled from the jaws of a Doberman by four adults after it attacked ‘without warning.’

Scarlett Tickle needed 30 stitches to repair damage to her left arm which was left mangled in the horror attack.

Her father Kevin has posted shocking pictures of his daughter’s injuries after he found the dog "shaking her violently like a doll."

Her family fear she could be left with permanent scarring and doctors revealed she may need skin grafts.

The incident happened on August 11 when Scarlett, Kevin, and his girlfriend, Olivia, visited a couple in Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, to discuss buying camping equipment.

Scarlett was left in the garden while the adults went into a motorhome to discuss buying more equipment.

Suddenly they heard the girl screaming "Get it off me" and rushed outside to find the doberman with its jaws locked on to the girl’s arm.

The owner eventually managed to get the dog off by lifting it by it collar into the air.

Kevin, 42, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: "I grabbed Scarlett and cradled her arm.

"We asked for a first aid kit but Olivia said that we needed to take her straight to the hospital.

"Scarlett said she wasn’t doing anything and the dog attacked her out of nowhere.

"When we were at the hospital I had bits of fat tissue all over my t-shirt, all over her arm."

He added: "The plastic surgeon says there were ten very deep puncture wounds.

"He had to stitch them all closed or as closed as they could with two of them, and give it a deep clean under general anaesthetic.

"The scars will be more than likely permanent."

He added: "Doctors are seeing if it will heal naturally.

"As for treatment in the future I’m not sure what she’ll need mentally or physically.

"It’s us that have been more affected to be honest.

"We were sat in a pub recently and two dogs started barking and we were totally on edge.

"We will never look at a dog the same way again."

Kevin added: "Please be extra vigilant around new dogs, even if you think the initial greeting went well.

"It doesn’t matter if your dog is big, small, soft or dangerous. You should have insurance on it, not to just protect yourselves, but to protect others too."

The owners of the dog were selling camping equipment in advance of a move abroad, which has happened since the incident.

Kevin said he contacted West Yorkshire Police who informed him there was nothing they could do if the owners – and dog – were abroad.

He said: "They didn’t even have pet insurance, it’s ridiculous.

"What happens if that dog attacked again? It could kill.

"I disagree that a dog can get away with the damage that has been caused to Scarlett because it is a ‘first offence’.

"It shouldn’t be left to the owner if the dog can live or be humanely destroyed."

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