Google Earth user spots '400ft ice ship' off the coast of Antarctica

Google Earth user spots ‘400ft ice ship’ sitting off the coast of Antarctica – sparking a flurry of bizarre conspiracy theories from Nazis to aliens being behind the phenomenon

  • A Google Earth user believes they have discovered a ‘400ft ice ship’ lying 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica
  • In a YouTube video, they share images of the large mass of ice that lies to the south of New Zealand 
  • It has a striking resemblance to a cruise liner with window lines and chimneys 
  • It has sparked a string of conspiracy theories about what it could mean
  • Some claim it is a forgotten ship from a secret Nazi base on the continent
  • Other believe it is a secret vessel that will take the ‘elite’ away in the event of a global disaster or an alien space ship

A Google Earth user discovered what they believe to be a ‘400ft ice ship’ lying in an iceberg about 100 miles from the coast of Antarctica. 

The huge ice structure was picked up on Google Earth south of New Zealand and has a striking resemblance to a cruise liner with a line of windows and a host of chimneys. 

The discovery has sparked a string of conspiracy theories from those who believe that there is something hidden in the frozen continent, with everything from a secret Nazi base to an ancient civilization being touted as an explanation.  

A Google Earth user discovered what they believe to be a ‘400ft ice ship’ off Antarctica

The block of ice has a striking resemblance to  a ship with a line of windows and chimneys

The images were first shared in a video by YouTube user MrMBB333 who describes himself as an Earth Watchman. 

‘Over the last 10 years I have become very familiar with our planet, the mechanics of it and how it reacts to many different aspects of space weather and many other things as well,’ he states on his website. 

‘I monitor everything from the sea floor to the cosmos and everything in between.’ 

In one of his most recent videos posted on Friday, the YouTube creator highlighted a portion of the snow-covered Antarctica in which he believes he has unearthed a ship.  

The video initially shows a large chunk of ice rising above the otherwise white landscape. 

Yet when he switches to the 3D view, it suddenly looks exactly like a ship. 

‘You look down on it and it looks like the outline of a ship,’ he says.

‘This measures 400ft long, whatever that looks like it looks like a ship.

‘An ice ship if you want to call it – a 400ft yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica.’

Earlier in the video, the user also looks at another patch of ice which he claims shows evidence of walls, entryways and a place to park vehicles. 

The ‘ship’ was found 100 miles of the coast of Antarctica, south of New Zealand

The huge mass of ice can be seen jutting out from the flat ice below

‘Looks like a random iceberg but one part looks like its built with purpose, looks like an entry way, and the symmetrical features look like it has been created,’ he says, pointing to spots were he says there is an exact 90-degree angle. 

‘It doesn’t look random but as if it had a purpose,’ he adds.  

The video has now been viewed by more than 46,000 people and has sparked a debate about what could be the source in the comments posted. 

One commenter claims that it is something that previous explorers have left behind while others claim that it is a secret vehicle that has been hidden under ice to ferry off the rich and elite in the event of a global disaster.

‘They’ve been going down there for 80 years or more so there’s no telling what they’ve found or left behind,’ said user Roy Rush. 

Using a 3D view, the video shows how the mass of ice begins to look like a ship 

The image has sparked conspiracy theories that it’s a Nazi ship from World War II

‘I was told a couple of years ago that there are ships built underground somewhere on upper east coast (like the ones in the movie 2012) to save the rich and powerful when canary islands get hit with massive earthquake that will take out east coast,’ user Shannon Marciante pushed as her own conspiracy theory. 

‘I want to why politicians, old astronauts, and religious leaders where invited to Antarctica and the whole world still doesn’t know. Makes me ANGRY!’ T. Hodd fumes. 

Another conspiracy theory put forward is that Antarctica was formerly scret Nazi base and that the ship had been left over from the Second World War. 

‘Anartica is nazi army base from Hitler days. Plaidiens. Helped him,’ claimed user BAims. 

‘Remember I’d already told you about Hitler had an under ground base within Antarctica dealing with a certain group of extraterrestrial beings they r the blond haird blue eyed beings thoe there are a few other’s that look a like they r or were here they gave him they’re DNA samples to make hybrid humans a New race,’ claimed Galaxy Malachi.  

Others argued that more investigative work has to be done in Antarctica as they believe the continent could unearth discoveries about ancient civilizations. 

‘Much more attention needs given to this continent. Wasn’t always frozen,’ wrote a user named Stable Stoic. 

Certain viewers were simply amazed at what they were seeing. 

‘Wow that ship just laying there was AMAZING!!!’ posted Cheryl DeVine. 

While others were less than impressed with what they saw. 

‘WOW…you guys sure do have an imagination. The 51′ cylinder was the only interesting object. REALLY a BASE, There will no returning to A.Aliens for you,’ argued a user named Atta Boy.  

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