USA Today reported Sunday that Ohio Governor John Kasich is claiming that President Trump has not done enough to appeal to suburban women, thereby hurting the GOP’s chances of winning Tuesday’s special election in the state.

Governor Kasich made these comments only a day after President Trump’s Saturday rally to endorse Ohio Republican congressional candidate Troy Balderson, who is running to represent Ohio’s 12th congressional district.

Although Kasich insists that the President’s endorsement has turned off suburban women voters, he still believes Balderson will marginally win the election.

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” on Sunday, Kasich said,

“The chaos that seems to surround Donald Trump has unnerved a lot of people. So suburban women in particular here are the ones that are really turned off. And you add to that the…Millennials, you have it very close.”

“It’s really kind of shocking,” Kasich continued, “because this should be just a slam dunk (for Balderson) and it’s not.”

Ohio’s special election on Tuesday is being viewed by some as a test of Trump’s control over key swing states in the upcoming midterm elections in November. Already being predicted as a tight race, it is anyone’s guess whether Balderson or Democratic candidate Danny O’Connor will win the House seat.

“It really doesn’t bode well for the Republican party because this shouldn’t even be contested,” Kasich noted. According to Kasich, however, Balderson did not even request that the President travel to Ohio to help campaign for him. “I asked him, I said, ‘Troy, why did you invite Trump in here, the president?’ He said, ‘No, I didn’t,’” Kasich said.

“So, you know,” he continued, “I think Donald Trump decides where he wants to go and I think they think they’re firing up the base, but I have to tell you, at the same time that he comes in here, I was with some women last night who said, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m not voting – and they’re Republicans – I’m not voting for the Republicans.”

While the Ohio governor is claiming that Trump has managed to alienate a decent portion of the Republican party’s base, he continues to insist that Balderson will still wind up winning the election due to O’Connor’s “weak” campaign.

“The problem the Democrats have is I don’t know what their message is,” Kasich explained. “It’s sort of like anti-Trump but no message.”

“You can’t win elections if you don’t have a message,” he said.

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