Grand National worker, 18, slapped with foul-mouthed note and has car scratched after parking on wrong driveway

Jack Kavanagh, 18, had driven from London to Aintree in Liverpool to gain work experience and had arranged to park the 2009 Volkswagon Polo on a driveway for £5.

But what Jack didn't know was that the street changed names halfway down, leading the teen to park his car on the wrong driveway.

A post on a resident's Facebook page later that day ranted that an "ignorant b******" had dumped a car on her drive, appealing for the public to share it.

And by the time Jack returned to his car at around 6pm that night, he claims to have found it with an angry note superglued to the windscreen.

He says two tyres were also let down, with scratches down the sides and his car badge torn off.

A foul-mouthed note read: "Don't ever park on my driveway again you cheeky b******."

Steve Kavanagh, Jack's dad, said that there appeared to be no damage to the car in the photos shared in the Facebook rant and that it was fine when Jack left it.

Jack said: "I was confused and bewildered as to what could have happened.

"I thought I was able to park on this drive and instantly got in contact with the correct property who were mortified that this had happened.

"[I was] upset and furious that someone would do such a thing to my car.

"I only recently bought this car three weeks ago, so to have marks down the side is very annoying as I have been driving it like a princess."

Steve, 49, from Havering in London, said: "Jack made a mistake by parking on the wrong drive. But trashing his car doesn't make it right.

"He parked on the right number house, but unknown to him the road had changed names halfway down so the house he was supposed to park on was only matter of metres away.

"He should have knocked on the door to confirm it was the right house. He has learned a massive lesson for that error but he should not have had that happen.

"I would expect someone to shout at him for parking on the wrong drive. But what has happened instead is really quite upsetting. Whoever did this should know it is criminal damage.

"Some people have tried to claim that his car was probably damaged already, however you can see in the original photos posted of his car in the woman's rant that this damage was not there."

Jack was so upset by the incident that he did not go to work the next day and lost out on even more money from the 500-mile round trip.

Steve said: "As a young lad he took the initiative to get work. He had to drive up from London to Aintree and it was for minimum wage so he was not going to make a lot of money anyway.

"But he wanted to do it for the work experience and because he's the kind of lad who likes to get out there and be proactive.

"However in the end the whole thing has ended up costing him hundreds in petrol and damage to his car.

"There were two tyres let down to stop him just taking out his spare and using that. So he had to phone the RAC.

"Hopefully this won't affect Jack too much but things like this can damage young people.

"I know whoever did it won't know the background about what went on but there is still no need to do damage like that."

Facebook commenters encouraged the vehicle to be damaged when the original post was shared.

One wrote: "Jack it up, remove wheels from car, put wheels under car, let jack down. Then go away for the weekend."

Another said: "Block them in with a friends car then tell them they owe you 150 quid and refuse to move it until they pay."

Merseyside Police said the incident had been reported to the at around 7.45pm on Friday and that it was reported to them that the damage was believed to have occurred between 8.40am and 6.40pm.

A spokesman said: "The allegation is criminal damage to a Volkswagon Polo. The incident is under investigation.

"However at this stage there are no witnesses or CCTV so there is nothing evidentially at the minute [to go on]."


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