Haunting final photos of children ‘murdered by their father’ taken days before family massacre – The Sun

The children of Anthony Todt are all smiles in photos taken on December 14, just days before they were allegedly  brutally murdered by their father.

Aleksandser, 14, and Tyler, 11, pose with certificates of achievement in the images after performing at their holiday concert, which is the last time the two were ever seen alive.

The two boys were accomplished musicians despite their young age, and sister Zoe, 4, seemed to be following inn their footsteps.

The children's music appeared to be an expensive hobby, with the boys both playing the piano and the violin.

No one seemed to be more impressed than their father, who gushed about his children's abilities on Facebook over the summer.

The boys had attended the prestigious Annie Moses Band Summer Music Festival  in Tennessee, and in a video posted by their mother Megan were seen performing the Henry Mancicni classic Baby Elephant Walk.

"We are so blessed to be a part of the Annie Moses Band Summer Music Festival. It is definitely stretching Aleksander and Tyler to grow in every direction possible," wrote their mother.

"Here they are playing Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk in the first show of the festival. Three more shows to go."

That was then shared by the boy's music teacher, prompting their father to write: "Thank you for all your support, dedication and guidance as a teacher and a friend. We will send you a recording from tonight’s performance in Nashville that is being filmed and broadcasted [sic] nationally in the fall."

It was their biggest fan who put an end to their music career according to police, who revealed earlier this week that Anthony had confessed to murdering his wife Megan, their three children and the family dog.

Anthony was taken to the Osceola County Jail on Wednesday, shortly after being released from a local hospital where he had been under examination after telling police he had ingested pills in what authorities feared might have been a suicide attempt.

On Thursday he was formally charged with four counts of homicide and a single count of animal cruelty.

Moments after his brief arraignment, Anthony's sister Christy released a statement on behalf of the family.

"Tony and Megan were devoted loving parents who loved their children and Breezy every day and were so involved in their community," it read in part.

"The families of Tony and Megan ask for privacy during this difficult time in our lives as we mourn the lose [sic] of our families."
The Osceola County Sheriff's Office revealed at a press conference that Anthony had been in the house for weeks with the lifeless bodies of his wife, three children and the family dog.

Anthony was without electricity as well after the landlord had cut the power on December 27, the same day he posted the family's eviction notice.

The accused killer's financial woes have been coming to light int he days since his arrest.

An employee at one of his physical therapy facilities told The Sun that they had not been paid for a month at the time of Anthony's arrest.

The victims' decaying bodies were found on Monday when officers accompanied federal agents to the home so they could serve Anthony with an arrest warrant.

It was also revealed on Wednesday that Megan Todt, 42, and her three children – Aleksander, (13) Tyler (11) and Zoe (4) – may have been dead back on December 29 when police previously did a welfare check at the request of a family member.

Authorities said that they did not go in the house on that occasion because all the lights were off and there was no sign that any of the residents were home at the time.

Anthony and his company Performance Edge Sports LLC were hit with three lawsuits in the past year according to court records, and owed money to over 20 different lenders.

The physical therapist settled one lawsuit just days before the alleged murders, but had not settled two others.

In all three cases, he had accepted investor funding for his business and then defaulted on his payments.

In addition to the $278,908.51 judgement, he also owed $63,525.82 and $36,200.79 in two other cases.

It is unclear why Anthony decided to pay off the largest judgement but not the $5132.05 in rent to avoid being evicted from the family's Florida home.

Police believe that the deceased had likely been dead since late December, but could not confirm that until the medical examiner had finished performing autopsies on all four bodies

The family had been evicted from their rental home after being one-month delinquent with their rent but remained in the home, despite owning another home that was just 500 feet away.

Anthony split his time between Florida and Connecticut, where he had multiple physical therapy practices.

He had been served with an eviction notice on one of those properties last month.

Facebook messages had been posted by Anthony's family members in the weeks before  his arrest hoping for any word on their brother or his family.

"I know a lot of people will have questions but we honestly do not have answers right now. Please let us know if you have seen or heard from Tony Todt or Megan Todt," wrote his sister Kellie last week."Please share this as I know a lot of people in Colchester know my brother."

She posted again later that day, writing: "This is a sensitive matter for our family so please don't ask questions, as we don't have a lot of answers at this point. Thank you everyone for your help and shares. Keep our family in your prayers. I last heard from Tony Todt on Monday January 6th."

It was also an out-of-state friend or relative who called authorities and ordered that December 29 wellness check on the family.

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