Heartless texts between killer and pals after clubber was beaten to death in front of girlfriend

Anthony Condron, 29, was subjected to “unprovoked and senseless” attack by Paul Byrne outside Maya nightclub in Liverpool.

He was punched twice in the head by his attacker and died before he could be taken to hospital.

Byrne admitted manslaughter and is due to be sentenced next month.

Bragging messages exchanged between Byrne and other pals show them joking about the night.

Byrne's pal, Joseph Booth was convicted of attacking Anthony's friend Barry Goffett during the same altercation.

He writes: “Liam hahahaha I got flopped after dropping some kid hahahahaha"

He later writes: “Had a glass jaw like Amir Khan as well."

However, after back and forth about their night out – the group's bravado quickly turns to panic when Byrne informs Booth that someone died outside the night club.

He writes: "Our Jays just text me about maya. One of the lads has died."

The pals then exchange a number of short phonecalls the news of Anthony's death trickles through.

Booth was later sentenced to 16 months in prison and ordered to pay £1,000 in compensation to Mr Goffett who suffered a broken leg when he was knocked to the ground.

Speaking during a trial, John McDermott prosecuting, accused both Booth and Byrne of showing no remorse for their violence.

He told Liverpool Crown Court: “The incident which left one man dead or dying and another unable to walk appeared to leave no mark on their consciences."
While Judge Clement Goldstone said Booth had showed an attitude of “triumphalism” which was “beyond the pale”.


01.27 Booth text message to unidentified person: "Liam hahahaha I got flopped after dropping some kid hahahahaha"

01.36 Byrne text message to 'Nate New': "Leg it ye lizard u ere for the boys or not"

08.59 Booth text message to Byrne: "Lad just woke up on the couch bollocko hahahaha"

10.43 Byrne text message to Booth: "Our Jays just text me about maya"

11.15 Byrne text message to Booth: "One of the lads has died" [Read at 11.26]

11.15 Byrne text message to Addison: "One of lads have died in maya"

11.30 Booth text message to Byrne: "Who did" [Unread]

11.31 Booth text message to Byrne: "I'm hanging here la wat time did ya get in" [Unread]

11.41 Booth phone call to 'Liam Wilson' lasting two minutes and 34 seconds

11.44 Booth phone call to Byrne – lasting two seconds

11.53 Booth to WhatsApp group 'Boysssss': "I woke up bollocko on me couch ther la hahahahaha"

11.54 Booth to WhatsApp group 'Boysssss': "Had a glass jaw like Amir Khan aswell"

12.13 'Jon' to WhatsApp group 'Boysssss': "Haha Where was you out?"

12.13 Booth to WhatsApp group 'Boysssss': "In maya jon carnage hahaha"

12.23 Booth phone call to Byrne – lasting two seconds

13.35 'Mum' phone call to Booth – lasting 50 seconds

13.41 Byrne's uncle phone call to Booth – missed cal

l13.42 Byrne's uncle text message to Booth: "Joe its Paul's uncle. Can you call me please very urgent." [Read at 13.46]

13.47 Booth call to Byrne's uncle – lasting 22 seconds

18.42 'Billy Williams' phone call to Booth – missed call

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