Hillary Clinton attacks Melania Trump over anti-bullying push in another swipe at the President

HILLARY Clinton has mocked Melania Trump over her anti-bullying campaign, suggesting the First Lady should "look closer to home".

It comes as president Donald Trump continues to insult opponents on Twitter, including "Sleepy Joe Biden", "third rate lawyer Michael Avenatti", and "dummy Matt Bai".

Hillary was promoting the Friday release of Hulu documentary "Hillary" on Watch What Happens Live, with Andy Cohen.

In the documentary, Bill Clinton lifts the lid on his fling with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and claims the extramarital relationship turned out to be a kind of therapy.

Cohen asked her: "Hillary, I have three questions for you. You may plead the fifth to only one if you choose to.

"What do you honestly think of first lady Melania Trump’s cyber-bullying initiative?"

Looking serious, she paused briefly before replying in a swipe against Donald Trump: "I think she should look closer to home."

She then smiled and nodded her head.

Last year, The New York Times compiled a list of "the 598 people, places, and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter".

These were limited to insults he had aired since becoming president.

Comments posted by him include slamming Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, as "an incompetent judge… her mind is shot".

Yahoo News national political columnist Matt Bai was labeled a "dummy", while actor Alec Baldwin was mocked for having a "dying mediocre career" who does a "terrible impersonation of me on SNL".

Robert De Niro was called a "very low IQ individual" who "has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies".

Melania – a private person by nature – has said in the past she is aware that people are skeptical of her focus on online bullying because of her husband’s behavior.

But she has said she won’t be deterred from her goal of helping children and the next generation.

Online safety is one of three components of the First Lady’s “Be Best” youth initiative.

The others are fostering well-being and fighting opioid abuse.

Her initiative also promotes values such as healthy living, encouragement, kindness, and respect.

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