Horror as boy, 4, ’freezes to death while sleepwalking in snow and -20C temperatures in Russia’

A BOY aged four has tragically died after sleepwalking out of his home into blistering -20C temperatures in the middle of the night in Russia.

The toddler wore only thin pyjamas as he wandered from his house in Yaga, in the Uzhursky district of Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk region.

His grief-stricken mum Maria, 27, found his lifeless body after following his tiny footprints in the deep snow when she woke.

The tragic tot called Bogdan had set out towards a neighbour’s house.

He had gone sleepwalking before, but in summer when the temperatures in Krasnoyarsk region are warm.

Maria woke at 6am and could not find her boy in the house.

She discovered he had unlatched the door and gone out into the severe cold with nothing on his feet, and no hat.

She followed his footprints and soon saw his frozen body.

Russian authorities have launched an investigation into his death.


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