Hurricane Michael demolished this Florida Air Force base

Eerie video shows overturned trucks and historic Air Force jets flipped over and strewn across the ground at a Florida base razed by Hurricane Michael.

Tyndall Air Force base sustained “catastrophic” damage when the Category 4 storm hit it head on, officials said on Facebook Thursday, as they started to assess the impact.

Footage posted on Twitter shows mangled buildings and shredded aircraft hangers with their roofs torn off by the monster storm’s over 150 mph winds. It also shows historic planes on display that had been turned over.

The base, located 12 miles east of Panama City Fla., was left with no power, water or sewer service.

Evacuation orders were issued there Tuesday and officials said they’re now working on plans to reopen the base, which is home to the 325th Fighter Wing.

No injuries were reported there as of Thursday.

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