Inside Putin’s damp squib Victory Day Parade from tyrant’s feeble speech and hacked live feed to slimmed down military

VLADIMIR Putin’s Victory Day parade saw the tyrant deliver a feeble speech and his military cut back numbers due to losses in Ukraine.

Even as the parade got underway the Russian tyrant was humiliatingly hacked with a message popping up on Russians' TV screens telling them they had Ukrainian blood on their hands.

The parade traditionally sees Russia display its military might with tanks, nuclear missiles and other hardware rumbling through Red Square and the latest aircraft overhead.

Thousands of Russian troops also march past Putin and his top brass in the annual traditional parade.

But instead the Russians have been unable to find enough of the latest T-80 tanks after around 120 of them were destroyed by the Ukrainians.

In total, the parade was scaled down by 35 per cent, according to calculations by Forbes.


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Around 10, 000 troops took part in the parade, down from the 12,000 usually on display, in the wake of the 26,000 Russian deaths in Ukraine.

A flypast by the Russian air force was also cancelled with the weather being blamed – despite there being clear skies in Moscow.

And instead of the call to arms for Russia to mobilise its reserves for the war in Ukraine, Putin delivered an underwhelming 11 minute speech.

He had been expected to declare all-out war on Ukraine and announce the mass mobilisation of reserves in a bit to turn around his faltering invasion.

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In the speech, he claimed Russia was fighting Nazis in Ukraine, and accused the West of planning to invade Crimea.

But there were no words to rally the Russian people to back his warped ambition of conquering Ukraine.

He then sat with a thick green blanket across his knees as he watched soldiers and military vehicles roll by in Moscow's famous Red Square.

Rumours persist about his declining physical and mental health – with persistent reports he is suffering Parkinson's and is due to undergo cancer treatment in the coming months.

It comes as..

  • Sixty people are feared dead after Putin's troops bombed a school in Ukraine where survivors were sheltering.
  • Putin’s mental health is “bad” and the threat he could launch nuclear weapons is “very real”, an oligarch close to the tyrant has revealed.
  • Volodymr Zelensky yesterday commemorated Victory Day by promising besieged Ukraine would see a new dawn
  • A missile mountain lays bare the scale of Russia’s murderous bombardment in Ukraine.
  • Putin has been stunned to discover his lover is pregnant again, it was reported in Moscow yesterday.

The Victory Day parade commemorates the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany and has traditionally been a holiday of national pride, when the 27 million people who died are honoured.

Putin had been hoping for a swift victory in the Ukraine war to celebrate today.

But the faltering invasion has encountered stiff resistance with thousands of Russian soldiers killed and huge amounts of hardware destroyed by the hero Ukrainians.

With an estimated 600 tanks lost in the fighting in Ukraine, the Russians were unable to find even 10 of the T-80s that would normally be on display, says Forbes.

A flypast of Putin’s Doomsday nuclear war command post plane was abruptly cancelled at the last minute in Moscow, ostensibly because of bad weather.

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Putin humiliated as Victory Day parade coverage HACKED with pro-Ukraine message

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There has been speculation it was due to security reasons and the fear of attacks on aircraft.

The plane had appeared during rehearsals for the parade but failed to appear on the day itself.

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