Jeremy Corbyn accused of lacking ‘moral courage’ after ducking showdown with MPs over anti-Semitism crisis – The Sun

SCANDAL-HIT Jeremy Corbyn was accused of ducking a crunch showdown with MPs over the anti-Semitism crisis last night – amid claims members are deserting the party.

Seething Labour politicians accused the party boss of failing to show “moral courage” or leadership for refusing to show up.

The explosive row comes after Panorama reported claims Mr Corbyn’s own office and closest allies meddled in anti-Semitism allegations.

But Labour HQ accused the whistle-blowers of having an axe to grind and set aggressive lawyers on one of them.

A whopping 200 Labour staffers yesterday signed an open letter slamming the party for trying to “smear Jewish victims and former staff”.

And members of the GMB trade union have drawn up an explosive motion condemning Labour’s response.

Labour MP Margaret Hodge, who lost family in the Holocaust, tore into Mr Corbyn’s no show.

She said: “Wanted: Leadership. Reward: A party we can be proud of. If found: Please return to Labour Party HQ, Southside, London.”


Wes Streeting, vice chairman of the all-party parliamentary group against anti-Semitism told The Sun: “Questions are being levelled at senior staff, but Jeremy Corbyn is the person ultimately responsible and accountable.

“He really needs to come to the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting as a matter of urgency to answer questions and tell us what he plans to do in the wake of serious whistle-blowing and outcry from Jewish members.”

While Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh said she expects to see a “huge drop” in party membership because of the scandal.

The letter, signed by former and current employees, lashes Labour’s “shameful communications strategy” for trying to discredit brave whistle-blowers.

In it they warn: “The crisis has moved beyond a question of rules and disciplinary processes to a question of political culture, and crucially, leadership.”

And in yet another blow to Mr Corbyn, a Labour councillor in his Islington constituency quit the party after 38 years in disgust at the crisis.

Gary Poole said Mr Corbyn is “not fit to govern the country”.

Labour denied smearing ex staffers, and said they are committed to tackling anti-Semitism.

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