Jim Acosta, Frequent Target Of Trump’s Wrath, Shares Video Of Himself Taking Selfies With Trump Supporters

This comes just a few days after he shared a video of himself being heckled at a Trump rally.

Jim Acosta seems to be making peace with Donald Trump’s supporters.

Just days after he was heckled and booed at a Trump rally, leading fellow CNN political analyst April Ryan to claim that his life was in “jeopardy,” CNN‘s White House correspondent Jim Acosta seemed to be in a mood to reach out to Trump’s supporters. On Saturday afternoon, Acosta shared a video of him shaking hands with several Trump supporters, taking selfies with them, and even donning the MAGA hat of one supporter.

“Taking selfies with Trump supporters in Tampa,” Acosta tweeted.

“Really enjoyed talking to some of the folks at the rally and hearing their concerns. As I told many of them..we can’t do the news just for the Republicans and Trump supporters. We have to do the news for all Americans.”

It appears to be a gesture of goodwill from Acosta, whose network has often been criticized by president Trump, while Acosta himself has lately been on a collision course with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Just last week, after Donald Trump had tweeted that American mainstream news media was “enemy of the people,” Acosta confronted Sanders in the White House briefing room, demanding that she say that the press is not people’s enemy, according to the Daily Mail.

“It would be a good thing if you were to state right here, at this briefing, that the press – the people who are gathered in this room right now, doing their jobs every day, asking questions of officials like the ones you brought forward earlier – are not the enemy of the people. I think we deserve that,” he had asked Sanders.

But she deflected the question, instead blaming his network for promoting fake rhetoric, leading Acosta to leave the room.

Acosta’s acrimonious relationship with Trump’s camp got even worse on July 31, when during the same rally, he was heckled by Trump’s supporters, with some of them even verbally abusing the CNN journalist. He shared a video of that incident on Twitter, worried that the “hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt.”

It was a thought shared by CNN‘s April Ryan, who said such threats against members of the media must not go unnoticed.

‘That’s a serious moment and a serious place. And Jim Acosta’s life, in my opinion, was in jeopardy that night,” Ryan said.

It now seems, however, that Acosta believes that the best way to engage with Trump’s supporters is not to respond to their heckling with anger and resignation but to engage with them.

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