John Kerry Bashes Trump For Withdrawing From The Iran Nuclear Agreement, Says ‘He Makes Things Up’

Kerry slammed Trump for withdrawing from a deal he had spent so much time helping craft.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry slammed Donald Trump during an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, saying the president’s decision-making is often not based on facts, and that he “makes things up,” according to Business Insider.

When asked by host Margaret Brennan what he thought of Trump’s comments about the Iran nuclear deal, which he helped negotiate to a successful conclusion during Barack Obama’s last year in office, as being the “worst deal ever,” Kerry said that Donald Trump didn’t know what he was talking about most of the time.

“Unfortunately – and I say this sadly – more often than not, he really just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He makes things up. And he’s making that up, as he has other things.”

Kerry was the subject of Trump’s wrath when it was reported in May that the former Secretary of State had quietly been meeting world leaders in an attempt to save the Iran nuclear deal before its renewal deadline.

When The Boston Globe reported that Kerry had been meeting with a host of world leaders including Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as having phone conversations with top EU official Federica Mogherini, in attempts to salvage the deal before its renewal deadline on May 12, Trump warned Kerry to stay away from the negotiations.

Brennan asked Kerry if he ever felt like tweeting back at the president, but he said there was no need to retort because “America and our democracy are more thoughtful than dishonest tweets.”

Kerry called out Trump for his ignorance on the Iran nuclear deal, saying the president’s claims that it was a “weak” deal was disruptive to the international nuclear security policy. Arguing that the P5+1 nations (USA, UK, Russia, China, France, plus Germany) were all in agreement over the deal and the fact that it placed fairly rigid conditions on Iran, Kerry said Trump couldn’t hope to achieve an international order on nuclear policy by simply wishing so.

“Just saying that doesn’t make it that. This is the toughest agreement in terms of inspection, accountability – no country has had to do what Iran did in order to live up to this. But to just walk away? Only the United States walked away. Only Donald Trump. His defense secretary thought he should keep it, his intelligence people thought he should keep it. The fact is this agreement is working.”

“I was trying to have the policy of the United States of America, which is part of the agreement, to continue, and common sense to continue,” he concluded. Watch the clip below.

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