Knife fight in the Jungle: Terrifying moment migrant is stabbed by blade-wielding attacker – The Sun

THESE pictures show the shocking moment a refugee was stabbed by a hooded
attacker in the Calais Jungle camp as authorities continued to clear the

Tensions boiled over in the makeshift town on the third day of demolition as a
man in an orange hooded top lunged at his victim.

Onlookers managed to intervene and get the pair away from each other before
getting the knife from the armed man.





The hooded attacker then managed to escape through the crowds.

It is not known what the two men were fighting about.

French riot police are at the camp for a third day to guard the French
authorities who continue to demolish the makeshift homes on the south side
of the site.

It comes after the town's Prefect Fabienne Bucio said British anarchists were
to blame for the violence as she said they have manipulated a ‘hardcore’ of
150 migrants into causing trouble.

The senior national government representative for the Calais area told the
Independent: ”'(No Borders activists) are young people who are driven by an
anarchist ideology of hatred of all laws and frontiers.

“They have no real concern for the suffering of the migrants. They manipulate
them and they mislead them. They harass the social workers we send to
canvass them about staying in France.

“And they are dangerous. One of my police officers had his hand broken in five
places on Monday. They are not throwing pebbles.”

Local government official Vincent Berton said the operation to clear the
southern section would last three weeks.


And he said the aim was to halve the number of people living there to about

He said: “On Monday morning we were surprised by the little number of people

“We are trying not to shift the problem. We are very focused. We are trying
for a better solution especially for the children.”

French authorities want to move people from the squalid site to heated
shipping containers nearby or to reception centres around France where they
can apply for asylum.

State authorities have said up to 1,000 people will be affected but charities
helping the refugees say the figure is likely to be much higher.

Many of the migrants living at the camp are trying to get into lorries to
reach Britain where they want to seek asylum.

An Anglo-French operation to bolster security around the ports has included
putting up razor-topped fences.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) said mass disruption caused by
migrants cost the UK freight industry an estimated £750,000 a day last year.

Medical charity Doctors of the World said safe and legal routes should be set
up for people seeking sanctuary in Britain.

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