MAC Cosmetics’ New Lip Color Ad Shows Model With Hair On Her Upper Lip & Fans Are Praising Them

MAC Cosmetics was rightfully praised after using a pic of a model with hair on her upper lip! Check out the beautiful un-retouched ad here!

MAC Cosmetics for the win! The makeup company is receiving some due praise after posting a pic promoting their Chestnut-colored lip pencil, which featured a model that had upper lip hair. The Instagram photo chose not to photoshop the facial hair, and so many commenters are HERE for the fact that the ad depicts “real beauty.” One fan wrote, “Thank you Mac. Beauty is not always about perfection. Color is gorgeous. And shock horror woman have hair on their bodies!! Who knew right!” Another fan agreed — the more natural the better: “So in love and so revolutionary !!!! Naturalize !!! Congrats for it !!!!!”

And the praise kept flowing in! Another commenter gushed, “Love this image, keep up the good work, real is best!” One fan is absolutely here for the realness of MAC’s depiction of the product and the model, “Love the real beauty not being photoshopped! ♥️♥️♥️”

Of course, there were some haters in the commenters (when is there not, right?). However certain followers boldly stood up to them. In fact, one fan put it plain in simple, saying, “Hey, in 2018 we are OK with body hair bc we know nobody is hairless!!” Seriously, everybody has hair and guess what? That’s totally natural and OK! Deal with it, trolls!

We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest pictures of MAC cosmetic products! In the meantime, check out all of the hair and makeup must-haves for back to school in our gallery above.

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