Man burns down mobile home when he tries to kill spiders with a BLOWTORCH

A MAN who tried to rid his mobile home of spiders using a BLOWTORCH sparked a blaze that gutted his home and took 23 firefighters to put out.

The unnamed homeowner used the portable propane-powered device to kill the creepy-crawlies infesting his home.

 The fire was sparked by the homeowner killing spiders with a blowtorch

Unfortunately he set the trailer alight and the fire quickly consumed the property in Tucson, Arizona.

The blaze was so severe firefighters had to evacuate an elderly lady from the neighbourhood.

Neighbours told KPTV she only suffered minor injuries.

Tucson Fire Department confirmed the woman suffered minor injuries and was treated by paramedics at the scene.


 The blaze was so severe it took 23 firefighters to put it out
 An elderly woman had to be rescued and treated by paramedics at the scene
 The home was gutted by the fire

Many Arachnophobic Twitter users had sympathy with the homeowner, with one posting: "Seems like a perfectly reasonable response if you ask me."

But another said: "Why would you even do this when spiderwebs are flammable?"

Firefighters said it took 23 firefighters 11 minutes to put out the fire – which destroyed the home.

A better example of how to handle creepy-crawlies emerged on Monday, when a savvy referee was filmed blasting a wasp nest with a fire extinguisher.

The remarkable clip sees the Brazilian match official bravely approach the stinging insects and give them a few quick blasts from the red bottle.

 The man was trying to tackle an infestation with the blowtorch. File picture

The incident occurred ahead of the Brazilian women's football league clash between Iranduba and Penarol-AM, at the Ismael Benigno Stadium in the city of Manaus.

The match was just about to start when goalkeeper Mayara Santana ran to the referee, seemingly for help.



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