Maniac shouted "Here’s Chucky!" before coming at single mum with chainsaw

A mum confronted by her chainsaw-wielding neighbour claims he yelled "here’s Chucky" before trying to attack her following a row.

Maniac Stewart Palmer confronted Jess Appleby with the fearsome weapon, claiming she didn’t understand the "lifestyle" on the street in Barnsley where they both lived.

Terrifying footage captured the moment Palmer tried to burst into her house through a side door with the chainsaw in hand.

MirrorOnline reported yesterday how he had brandished a chainsaw at the mum in street after returning to the scene of a neighbour row ‘like something out of a horror movie’.

And Ms Appleby said she was left fearing for her life following the incident – the culmination of a series of arguments with neighbours that saw her victimised and have her windows smashed.

She told The Sun : "I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life, I thought what’s next?"

The 28-year-old said Appleby had been banging on her door before the attack and screaming he was going to have her son taken into care.

She confronted him before her partner Dean Brown and the thug started fighting in the front garden before a larger brawl broke out.

Ms Appleby said: "I just thought here we go again. I went outside and I was thinking in my head ‘get off my property’.

"But as my adrenaline is running even more, I can feel the anger building at the same time and it does sound like I’m provoking him, I wasn’t.

"He always just comes back and comes back and comes back, he never stopped ever."

"They were coming back with either an army or something else," she said. "Then he came back with a chainsaw."

She said he used the weapon to try and slice through her door, missing a friend of hers by inches.

Her partner stepped in to save her and son Archie, kicking him and shutting the door to keep him out.

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Ms Appleby claimed she would have died if she had not stood up to her neighbour.

She said: "I am ashamed that I didn’t just back off but at the same time if I hadn’t have done what I did I would still be there and if they hadn’t of put me in a box I would have over time because I didn’t want to be here anymore.

"I was just an easy target, I was the only single mother on that street."

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service confirmed Palmer was jailed for the attack.

He said: "Stewart Palmer was jailed on July 20 at Sheffield Crown Court for 24 months.

"He was charged with affray, having an offensive weapon and criminal damage to property."

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