After President Donald Trump threatened to shut down the government if Democrats chose not to support a border wall between the United States and Mexico, one former White House staffer predicted that a showdown would occur between the president and the Dems by December.

According to CNN, former White House aide Marc Short stated that “It’s been 22 years since Congress actually completed an appropriations process on time. They will likely fail again this year, which means they’ll have a continuing resolution to punt this to December.”

In March, Congress passed a bill funding the government until September 30. If President Trump decides to shut the government down over a border wall, it “would mark the third lapse in appropriations this year, following a shutdown in January.” Despite Trump’s latest tweet about a shutdown, Short said he didn’t think a shutdown would happen prior to Midterms.

In an interview with CNNs Wolf Blitzer, he said that there are “two timetables.” “One is September 30, which I fully expect you’ll have a continuing resolution that gets us till December. I think the time frame we’re talking about is if Congress hasn’t provided the funding by the end of the year in December.”

Short, who resigned earlier this month, said that though a shutdown might not be determined until December, he believes President Trump will push for a shutdown in order to secure funding for a border wall, which had been one of his promises while on the campaign trail before the 2016 election.

Trump’s tweet on Monday about a shutdown, in which he said he was “willing to ‘shut down’ government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall,” was contrary to an earlier incident this year in which Trump allegedly asked the military to “fund and build the wall,” as the Inquisitr earlier reported.

Additionally, Short added that though a government shutdown is something that may not be decided until December, it is still something to be taken seriously. He points to part of “the Senate’s August recess being canceled as evidence there could be significant progress on appropriations in the coming weeks as congressional negotiators continue to hammer out a series of agreements on spending.”

This was not the first time that President Trump has threatened to shut down the government over a border wall. Republicans and Democrats alike both say that “the issue is not worth risking a costly shutdown over.”

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