Middle-aged man spotted casually driving fairground bumper car down public road in Essex

The dodgem was captured on dash cam as it pulled up at a junction in Harlow, Essex.

The footage was recorded by a vehicle belonging to HD Property Services at 6pm on Wednesday.

In the short clip, the dashcam driver can be seen cruising along a quiet street.

Then suddenly the fairground vehicle appears at a junction.

Driven by a balding middle-aged man in a vest, it pulls out into the flow of traffic and carries on its merry way.

Ben Peters, who runs Telematics Pro UK Ltd which supplied the dash cam, said he couldn't believe his eyes when he first watched the clip.

He said: "I just thought oh my God, is that really a dodgem? I know that electronic cars are popular, but this is another level.

"I can only assume that he has amended it to make it into a road legal vehicle. I have never seen anything like it before in my life."

On social media, one user commented: “New police cars. Budget cuts and all that.”

While another user posted: “He's leaving the scene of his own crime of taking new car batteries from a few cars and using a quiet getaway car.”

It is not yet known how the dodgem is being powered.

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