Mike Pence slammed for 'breaking his Covid team's travel rules' on ski trip 'as millions lose unemployment benefits'

VICE President Mike Pence is getting slammed for reportedly taking a ski trip over the Christmas holiday, while millions of Americans had their unemployment benefits lapse.

Pence touched down in Vail Valley, Colorado for his ski trip last week, according to local media reports, even as health officials urged Americans not to travel for the holidays due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Colorado Senator Kerry Donovan slammed the VP in a Twitter thread for choosing to vacation while people in the state – and across the country – were suffering amid the pandemic.

"Hello @VP / @Mike_Pence. Heard you’re visiting my hometown for the holiday. Stay tuned for a story a day of things that would be different if you had chosen to lead and address and instead of ignore and minimize the COVID-19 pandemic," Donovan began her Twitter thread.

"Make sure you pack a mask. You’ll be spending the holidays in a mandatory mask zone," she added.

"And as you fly into Eagle and drive up valley, you’ll pass by a couple of schools – CO saw it’s first decrease in enrollment since the 80s."

The senator continued to slam the VP and the Trump administration for "minimizing the seriousness" of the Covid pandemic.

Pence's office has not publicly commented on his vacation, but NBC confirmed that he is in Vail and he is scheduled to fly out after New Year's.

The VP is getting much flack, as is President Donald Trump, who spent the weekend golfing again, for choosing to travel for the Christmas holidays while a Covid relief package was still on the table, unsigned by the president.

A nearly $900billion Covid relief package, that extended key unemployment benefits for those whose jobs were affected by the pandemic and would provide a round of $600 stimulus checks to Americans, was passed by Congress last week.

However, Trump initially refused to sign the bill – claiming that he wanted the stimulus checks to be increased to $2,000 for each eligible American.

Trump eventually signed the bill on Sunday night, but the delay caused key unemployment benefits – which expired Saturday night – to lapse for millions of Americans.

Before Pence made his trip out to Colorado, he did receive the first of two doses of the recently approved Pfizer Covid vaccine on December 18.

However, he still needs to get a second dose for the process to be complete, and the vaccine to be the most effective.

The vice president reportedly brought 50 Secret Service agents with him to Vail, who booked rooms at the Grand Hyatt Vail and other locations around the valley, according to CBS Denver.

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