Mob storms Mexican police station and drags out, burns alive two men

Angry mob storms a Mexican police station house and drags out and burns alive two men, who were later declared innocent of attempting kidnap kids

  • Alberto Flores Morales, 53, and Ricardo Flores Rodriguez, 21, uncle and nephew, respectively, were intercepted by a crowd in the Mexican state of Puebla
  • The pair had been suspected of kidnapping minors by the residents of San Francisco Boqueron
  • An upset group of people intercepted the truck they traveled in and forced them out, beating the before the police were able to secure their safety
  • The men were transported to a police station house where about 150 people converged and stormed the command center
  • Morales and Rodriguez were being kept inside a jail cell, but the residents were able to force them out and led them outside the station house
  • The crowd continued to physically harm them before setting them on fire
  • The state prosecutor’s office issued a preliminary report ruling Morales and Rodriguez innocent of any criminal activities

A furious crowd stormed a police precinct in the town of San Francisco Boqueron on Wednesday and dragged out and set on fire two men, who had been suspected of kidnapping two minors.

According to El Universal, the angry group was able to intercept a truck in which Alberto Flores Morales, 53, and Ricardo Flores Rodriguez, 21, were travelling in.  

The mob then pulled out Morales and his nephew from the vehicle and physically attacked them because they thought that children were being held against their will in side the truck that was eventually set on fire.

Cops from the municipality of Acatlan de Osorio descended on the hectic scene and were able to secure the safety of the battered men at about 3:30PM local time, according to an official police report.  

Ricardo Flores Rodriguez (left) with his uncle Alberto Flores Morales being safely held at jail cell before an estimated crowd of 150 stormed the station house and set them on fire

Residents of the community of San Vicente Boqueron watch as two innocent men are burned alive after crowd suspected them of kidnapping minors

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The Daily Mail reached out to the police department in Acatlan de Osorio, but an on-duty officer declined to comment citing the on-going investigations. He requested that all inquiries be made through the prosecutor’s office for the state of Puebla.

The Daily Mail also reached out to the prosecutors office, but they have not offered any comments. 

The cops transported the injured men to the San Francisco Boqueron station house and placed them inside a cell for their protection.

Somehow, an estimated 150 upset town residents sought to take matters into their own hands and minutes later barged into the station house.

An onlooker records the wild scene in Mexican municipality of Acatlán de Osorio when a group killed two innocent men by setting them on fire outside a police station house

The crowd amazingly overtook the command center, breaking down its entrance door before finally reaching the cell where both men being secured.

The restless group then took Morales and Rodriguez outside the police station entrance and once again physically assaulted the pair before they were burned alive as onlookers recorded the gruesome scene. 

The state’s prosecutor’ office released a statement later in the evening stating that their preliminary reports cleared Morales and Rodriguez, who worked as farm workers, of any crime involving the kidnapping of minors.

In a separate press release, the prosecutor’s office also reprimanded the municipality’s police for not sending in any negotiators that could have assisted in quelling the agitated crowd and admonished the police department for not having promptly contacted the state police for additional backup. 



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