Dramatic moment petrol tanker ploughs into the back of a truck sparking almighty explosion that left one dead and scores injured in Italy

  • Dramatic video shows tanker ramming into trucks on motorway bridge in Italy
  • Petrol tanker explodes in huge fireball and cloud of smoke near Bologna airport 
  • One dead and scores injured while a road bridge has collapsed, officials say

This is the shocking moment a petrol tanker slammed into the back of a truck on a highway near the Bologna airport in Italy on Monday, causing a huge explosion which killed at least one person and put dozens in hospital.

CCTV footage shows the petrol tanker driving straight into the vehicles in front at high speed, immediately catching fire.

Some time later, when surrounding unharmed vehicles have been evacuated from the motorway bridge, the burning trucks cause an almighty explosion.

Explosion: CCTV footage shows the moment the petrol tanker exploded, collapsing a part of the motorway bridge near Bologna airport, Italy.

Italian authorities have named the deceased as the tanker’s 41-year-old driver, and has said 70 people were injured, some with serious burns.  

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has today visited victims of the crash, saying that it was important to understand what happened to prevent future tragedies.

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‘I am here today to demonstrate the closeness of the government to the people who are suffering, but also to understand why so that these things are not repeated,’ Mr Conte said.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation into the Bologna accident, triggered when the tanker truck carrying liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, rammed into a truck stuck in a line of traffic.  

A huge explosion has taken place near an airport in Italy this afternoon amid reports or a road smash involving a petrol tanker

Police have said the blast could be felt in the busy terminal and was caused by an accident on the nearby motorway 

Video shows a massive explosion just yards from cars on the carriageway and people sprinting to safety down the road

The tanker immediately caught fire, and then exploded a short time later across eight lanes, collapsing part of the raised highway.

Police video shows that by the time of the explosion, most vehicles had been evacuated from the highway.

Highway police said only the tanker driver died in the crash, revising earlier reports by the carabinieri that there were two dead. 

Dozens of people were injured, many with burns or cuts from flying glass when windows of buildings nearby were shattered in the blast. 

‘Maybe it was a moment of distraction, or a wave of sleepiness,’ Bologna prosecutor Giuseppe Amato told RAI radio. ‘But it is too early to say with certainty.’ 

A motorway bridge collapsed onto cars below after being torn down by the huge explosion

The blaze spread to a carpark below the bridge, where vehicles caught fire and blew up

Aerial photos show the extent of the explosion after a crash reportedly involving a tanker

Overhead images were taken from a helicopter and released by the Vigili del Fuoco

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