Moment police are confronted by man with fake AK47

Police officers run for their lives as they hear sound of gun being cocked before they are threatened with imitation AK47

  • Officers were called to ‘domestic disorder’ in Swindon this summer
  • Bodycam footage shows them running away as man appears with a gun
  • Scott Symmonds has now been jailed for four years and nine months

Dramatic police bodycam footage shows the moment two officers were confronted by a man with an apparent AK47 machine gun when they arrived at a domestic incident.

The police were called to the home of Scott Symmonds, 31, in Swindon, Wiltshire in August and came across of scene of disarray as they entered the property through the back door.

Symmonds then came down stairs holding what turned out to be an imitation firearm, causing the officers to run for lives and call in back-up.

Police later found an imitation AK47, a decommissioned Uzi sub-machine gun and three blank firing pistols.

Symmonds has since admitted admitted making use of or attempting to make use of an imitation firearm with intent to resist arrest. He was jailed for four years and nine months last week.

Bodycam footage shows a police officer reaching for his Taser as Symmonds appears

PC Nicholas Finning, one of the officers, said of the incident: ‘At this point it’s safe to say I’ve started to become very worried about what was about to happen and I’ve brought my Taser to a ready position in front but pointing down.

‘The next thing I saw was the barrel of some sort of rifle appearing from around the corner of the hallway approximately three metres in front of me.

‘It was raised up to head height and appeared to be up in a shooting position as you would expect from a soldier.

Scott Symmonds has now been jailed for threatening police with the fake gun

‘At this moment I would confidently say I was the most scared I have ever been in any situation and in fear for my life, staring down the barrel of a gun.

‘I knew that I had heard something either being loaded or cocked into the gun and given the size of the gun I was sure that it could do some significant harm.’

Det Insp Paul Hacker, from Swindon CID, said: ‘This was an incredibly frightening incident for the police officers who attended.

‘They genuinely felt in fear for their lives and believed they were being shot at by live rounds.

‘Although the subsequent investigation has clarified that Symmonds did not have live firearms, they were very realistic replicas and were used with the aim of convincing police that they were under threat.

‘During his police interviews, Symmonds revealed that his ultimate aim was to be shot by armed officers, and it is great credit to those that attended on the night that the incident was resolved peacefully and safely, without anyone being injured.’

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