Moment Utah officers rescue girl, 12, from submerged van

Moment Utah officers rescue girl, 12, from submerged van as mom frantically pleads for help after the vehicle accidentally rolled into reservoir

  • Stunning police bodycam footage captured the moment two hero cops scrambled to save a girl from a submerged van 
  • With her mother desperately pleading for help, the police selflessly dived into the reservoir and shot out the back window
  • The 12-year-old girl was hauled from the water to safety, and officials say she is recovering well 

Stunning footage has revealed the moment two hero cops rescued a 12-year-old girl from a submerged van while her mom frantically pleaded for help. 

The officers, from the Tooele City Police Department in Utah, arrived on the scene moments after the van had rolled into a reservoir. 

With the girl’s mother watching on, the desperate situation dawned on the heroic cops, as one of them was heard in the bodycam video telling the other: ‘We’re doing this.’ 

After several minutes of manic effort, one of the officers decides to shoot out the van’s window, allowing the girl to be hauled to safety. 

Police bodycam footage captured the moment two hero cops leapt into a reservoir to save a 12-year-old girl inside a submerged van

The daring rescue effort unfolded earlier this month at the Settlement Canyon Reservoir near Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Footage of the incident began with an officer hastily pulling up to the scene on the banks of the water, where the girl’s mom repeatedly screamed ‘Oh my god’ as she hurried police from their vehicle. 

‘Hey, take your boots off, we’re doing this’, one of the officers says, becoming seemingly more alarmed to learn the victim inside is just 12-years-old. 

Initially calling for goggles and a crowbar, it then became clear the situation required urgent action, leading the officer to shoot through the window instead. 

‘We got to shoot it out, you are not going to break it with the water in here,’ one of the cops could be heard saying. 

Video showed the officers selflessly scrambling to save the girl’s life, while her mother desperately pleads for help from the banks

Police were able to shoot the window out and retrieve the girl in time, before the van was recovered hours later (pictured)

With several bystanders joining the effort, minutes of anxious bodycam footage is concluded when someone triumphantly shouts: ‘We got an arm!’ 

‘We got her out of the car, we are starting CPR’, one of the officers says. 

The Tooele Police Department told KSL-TV that the girl is now recovering well, and that investigators believe the van accidentally rolled into the reservoir.

The reason the officers were thankfully able to arrive on the scene so quickly was explained by the officer’s captain to ABC4. 

Colbey Bentley revealed that the two cops were checking water levels near the reservoir, when a witness flagged them down after the van slid into the lake. 

The daring rescue effort unfolded earlier this month at the Settlement Canyon Reservoir near Salt Lake City, Utah

Trained lifeguard Rebecca Sweat (pictured) said the emergency was a ‘life-or-death situation’

Another member of the rescue effort, Rebecca Sweat, told Fox13 that it was a ‘life-or-death situation’. 

‘I jumped out of our car, I then run down, to the water and I saw a woman in the water up to her chest and she’s saying, my daughter, my daughter, is in the water,’ she said. 

Sweat, who has been a lifeguard for 17 years, added: ‘With that training, I believe that’s what helped save a life.

‘So I’m yelling, just get her to me, just get her to me. I then performed the two rescue breaths, the other officer was out of the water about that time, and started to perform CPR.’ 

‘It was a scary situation to put myself in, but having the experience that I do… I kind of felt that I knew what I was doing, but there was a lot fear, shock, and then just being a mother, that feeling of just needing to save that baby.’

‘I was in between the whole area trying to run back the tools,’ said her husband, Bryton Sweat. ‘Trying to get a hammer to them, to keep that safety line as close to them as possible.’ 

‘She definitely has a place in our hearts,’ he added. ‘We’re so grateful she’s still with us. couldn’t be any happier.’

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