Monica Lewinsky storms offstage in Israel after ‘off limits’ Bill Clinton question

JERUSALEM – Monica Lewinsky says she stormed offstage at a Jerusalem event because of an interviewer’s “off limits” question about former President Bill Clinton.

The former White House intern turned anti-bullying activist tweeted early Tuesday that there were agreed-upon parameters regarding the topics of her conversation about the perils of the internet.

She called Israeli news anchor Yonit Levi’s first question about her relationship with Clinton a “blatant disregard for our agreement.”

Levi asked Lewinsky if she still expected a personal apology from Clinton over the fallout from the scandal of their affair 20 years ago. Lewinsky responded: “I’m so sorry. I’m not going to be able to do this.” She then put down her microphone and walked offstage.

Lewinsky says on Twitter: “It became clear to me I had been misled.”

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