Monkey makes incredible 160-foot jump between electricity pylons

Leap of faith! Monkey makes incredible 160-foot jump between electricity pylons

  • Villagers tried to encourage the monkey with bananas and nuts to come down 
  • They feared he would was at risk of being electrocuted on the huge tower
  • Three volunteers climbed the tower to rescue it before it jumped 

This is the incredible moment a villager in Khadiya climbed a 160-feet-high transmission tower to rescue a monkey. 

Villagers tried to encourage the monkey to come down by offering bananas and nuts amid fears it was at risk of getting electrocuted. 

But the animal refused to budge and sat impassively at the top of tower with a long rope around its neck. 

Villager Jitendar Kumar said: ‘The langur climbed the transmission tower on Sunday. 

‘Later, we found that its neck’s rope was stuck in the tower and it couldn’t escape. ‘ 

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The villagers informed the local police on August 7, who requested the help of an animal rescue organisation, Wildlife SOS.

Three volunteers of the organisation climbed the huge tower with tools to help catch the monkey. 

A langur monkey jumped 160-feet off an electricity pylon and landed safely on the ground

Three volunteers climbed the pylon to rescue the monkey which freed itself afterwards

Watching them coming up the monkey struggled frantically and managed to free itself.

Though weakened from hunger and dehydration, it leaped from 100-feet-high, making a dramatic landing on its four limbs and ran away.

It ran into a huge crowd of villagers applauding its successful landing.

A local police officer Prashant Tyagi said: ‘Power supply was cut for over three hours to help experts rescue the monkey.’

Villagers had tried to encourage the monkey down from the tower with bananas and nuts

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