Mother left with burns after Aldi pressure cooker exploded in her face

Young mother is left with horrific burns after a faulty Aldi pressure cooker ‘BLEW UP’ in her face – and narrowly missed her two-year-old son

  • Giovanna was burnt with boiling water after her Aldi pressure cooker exploded
  • The mother, 36, was making dinner on Sunday night when the lid flew off
  • She suffered burns to her arms, neck and back and was rushed to hospital
  • Giovanna was unaware the product had been recalled in August 2017 

A young mother is now covered in scars after being severely burnt by her faulty Aldi pressure cooker when it ‘blew up’ in her face.

Giovanna, 36, from Sydney, suffered major burns to her neck, arms and back after the lid on the $60 device flew off while she was making chicken soup on Sunday night.

The lid only just managed to miss her two-year-old son who had been running through the kitchen with his friend, instead flying straight into Giovanna’s arm.

After rushing into the shower, the mother then drove herself to hospital, where she would spend the next four hours recovering in agony.

Giovanna, 36, from Sydney suffered burns to her neck, arms and back after the lid on the pressure cooker flew off while she was making chicken soup

The Sydney mother had been using the Aldi bought cooking device every week for three years before she was burnt on Sunday night

‘My son and his friend were running past the kitchen just a second before it happened. The lid would have gone directly into my son’s head,’ she told Yahoo News.  

Giovanna had been using the device every week for the past three years unaware that in August 2017, the pressure cooker had been recalled due to a defective lid locking mechanism.

In the recall, customers were warned they could be ‘scalded’ if the pressure cooker was defective and were urged to return it to Aldi stores.

The supermarket giant advertised the recall in stores and online but Giovanna said more should have been done to alert shoppers, especially those like the elderly who didn’t use the internet.

The lid from the pressure cooker flew off into Giovanna’s arm, leaving her with deep burns

The $60 six-litre 2017 model from the Crofton Chef’s Collection was recalled in August 2017

The 36-year-old was offered a refund and allegedly told by Aldi it was her responsibility to check the website for any recalls.

‘Basically they were saying it was my fault, because I didn’t go to the website. But I had no idea they sold me an explosive product,’ Giovanna said.

She said the incident had also taken a toll on her son. 

Giovanna’s arm is seen with burn wounds after the incident on Sunday night

‘Since that happened, he’s been acting very odd. He just wants to be close and hold me,’ she said.

An Aldi spokesperson said the recall had been widely advertised.

‘Aldi strictly complies with all ACCC requirements regarding recalls and in this case, due diligence has been given to ensure that customers were made aware of the product’s fault,’ the statement said. 

Six other people suffered second and third degree burns from the $60 pressure cooker, according to a report by consumer group Choice.

Four of those had been after the recall was issued.

The cooking device had been sold at Aldi supermarkets across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Aldi for further comment. 

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