Mum of brothers, two and six, killed in Coventry in suspected drink-drive hit and run pays tribute to ’cheeky, amazing boys’

THE mum of two young brothers mowed down by a suspected hit-and-run drink driver has paid a heartbreaking tribute to her 'cheeky, amazing boys'.

Corey and Casper Platt-May – aged six and two – were struck as they crossed the road with their mum Louise Platt-May in Coventry yesterday afternoon.

A 53-year-old man and a woman, 41, who fled the scene were later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and drink-driving.

The boys' dad Reese Platt-May comforted relatives as they visited the scene of the horror earlier today.

In a statement released with treasured pictures of the boys, Louise said: "Corey was an amazing boy. He never kept still, always had to be doing something and coming up with new ideas of things to do. He loved school more than any kid I know.

"But his main passion in life was his football. He has been playing for a local team since he was 4 but since the day he could hold a ball he was never without one. He will be deeply missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him.

"Casper was a cheeky little boy, always getting into trouble and driving his brothers crazy. But he was so loving and caring and constantly told his family how much he loved them.

"He loved walking everywhere with his wellies and splashing in the puddles. His smile could light up any room and he will be so so missed by all who knew him.”

The boys' devastated grandad Kim May, 51, told Sun Online how he rushed to the 'obliterated' scene yesterday and remains in 'disbelief' at their deaths.

He said: "The boys were my heart and soul. They've been torn away so young. Corey was a big football fan, he was a Man United fan. They were boisterous, usual boys – loving and caring boys."

"They (the boys and their mum) were coming home from the park, the car must have been going so fast.

"I took the phone call and came straight from work, I was in disbelief and still can't believe what happened. The whole street was obliterated, it looked like a bomb had gone off."

The boys' mum and dad Reese and Louise were said to be too upset to speak by family members.

Aunty Tia Fletcher, 22, was walking with Louise and the boys when the horror unfolded and said the scene of the crash was 'like a war zone': "We were crossing the road and had checked both ways, there wasn't a car in sight so we step out into the road.

"Next thing we saw was this black car come speeding round the corner and it just didn't stop, never seemed to slow down. All it all happened so quickly, it's just a blur.

"The car hit the two boys. Casper was sat in his mini cooper toy car and it just smashed it to pieces. It was like a war zone.

"The children were in complete panic and screaming and crying. neighbours came running out and everyone was stopping and trying to help. They were doing CPR on Casper and Corey was in the recovery position.

"Casper had no pulse and he had already gone but Corey had a slight one so they rushed him straight to Birmingham Children hospital. He just didn't make it.

"Louise and Reese are just trying to process whats happened. I spoke to them this morning and they are heartbroken. It's heartbreaking they had to witness something so terrible."

Floral tributes from devastated relatives have been left at the scene in the Stoke area of the city alongside teddy bears and candles.

One reads: "Rest in peace guys. Grandad misses you so much, he will always love you xxx". Another from the boys' aunt and uncle, says: "My beautiful nephews. Taken way too young… Never ever forgotten."

Dramatic pictures show a toddler's pushchair on its side on the grass verge and debris scattered all over the road after the horror smash at around 2pm.

Traumatised witnesses have told how they saw the mum pushing the pram seconds before the crash – with neighbours saying they picked up the tots "little shoes and hats" from the roadside.

Both brothers were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but the younger of the boys died shortly after.

Police confirmed at about 7pm on Thursday that the six-year-old had died too.

One eye-witness told Sun Online how he tried to resuscitate one of the boys as desperate efforts were made to save them.

Avtar Chagger, 54, said: "People were panicking and screaming. I rang police and kept myself focused on the phone, that's all I could do.


"I gave the boy the kiss of life. I was on the phone to the paramedics and they were telling me what to do.

"There are no words to describe the feeling, they were children. I won't be able to walk down that road without thinking of those boys."

Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes, from the West Midlands Police collision investigation unit, said: “We are still trying to establish how this tragic incident has happened and anyone who hasn’t yet spoken to an officer should call us on 101.

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare and it’s impossible to imagine their grief, but specialist officers will be supporting them as our investigation continues.”

Witnesses told how members of the public restrained the driver and passenger as they tried to flee the scene.

One local said: "Police knocked on my door asking if I'd seen a bald man in his fifties and a mixed race woman. I then went out on the road and there were police all over the street and dogs.

"We all helped in the search for them and suddenly the search focussed on the park.

"Police had to cut their way through a gate to access the parkland and then emerged with the suspects in handcuffs.

"The man was trying to fight with the officers and get away. The woman was really loud."″ target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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