Mum lives in agony and is only able to eat soup after botched op left her TOOTHLESS

A MUM who is only able to eat soup after a botched dental operation left her toothless said she is living in agony.

Alyson Sheppard has to chew her food with her gums which causes constant soreness and ulcers.

The 46-year-old’s issues started in 2017, which is when she claimed a hospital consultant advised her to have her remaining teeth pulled out and have dentures fitted.

Alyson, who lives in Anlaby in East Yorkshire said most of her teeth had already fallen out due to a calcium deficiency.

Alyson is also lactose intolerant which means she has struggled to get the correct amount of calcium as she is unable to consume dairy products.

But rather than having solved her issues, Alyson said the surgery left her in agonising pain.

The mum-of-one has forked out £3,000 to get suitable dentures but has been unable to find any that fit her mouth.

She said every meal is like eating broken glass.

Alyson said: “All I eat is soup, mash, ice cream and baby food.

“Even the breadcrumbs on fish cakes cut the top of my mouth and I get ulcers.

“I’m sick of eating the same kind of things.

“The pain gets worse when I eat. It’s like eating broken glass really."

Alyson and her husband of 23 years, Antony Sheppard, 51, are now hoping to raise enough funds to get specially made dentures.

The dentures are from a private dentist in Cheshire, which is 112 miles away from their Yorkshire home.

Alyson, a full-time mum, said she wants to get dentures to fit so that she is able to eat normally again.

“It would make my life a whole lot easier and I wouldn’t feel depressed like I do now.”

Since the botched surgery in 2017, Alyson has had further procedures to correct the issues.

She said she is ineligible for dentures on the NHS, meaning she has been without upper teeth for over three years.

Alyson, a former medical secretary, said: “I’ve got constant pain in my whole jaw, but I can’t take most pain killers because of my haemophilia and bowel disorders.

“We should never have been told to get rid of the teeth as the denture could have clipped on to the remaining upper teeth.

“We’re not medical experts, we just go with what the medical experts say.”

Alyson used to enjoy dishes such as Shepherd’s pie and snacks such as peanuts, but now says she eats mashed potatoes most days.

She is now hoping to put an end to her ordeal thanks to a private dentist in Cheshire, who has agreed to give her his time for free to try and give the long-suffering mum dental implants.

However, the couple will have to fork out £8,000 for the implants and another £2,000 for an anaesthetist during surgery – money they say they don’t have.

Antony said: “The dentist has not charged us for the appointments and his time but the material and the operation costs will have to be paid.

“It would make such a difference to Alyson’s life to be able to eat properly again.

“It has been three years of struggle and constant back and forth.”

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