Mum who survived Indonesian tsunami says her mother was swallowed up by ground

A woman who survived the Indonesian tsunami has told how her mother was swallowed up as the ground opened around them.

Rori Oryza, 29, was with family members when a 7.5 magnitude quake triggered the giant wave.

The ground cracked open and her mother fell into the crevice, which then sealed as the tremors continued.

Rori, who is mum to six-month-old Reysi, said: “When I tried to save my mother, the earth split up.

"My mother fell backwards into the crack and was swallowed by the moving ground.

“I fell forwards and a car fell on top of me.

"My right leg was shattered."

Her 75-year-old grandmother, cousins, niece and aunt have also yet to be traced. Her home has been destroyed.

Rescuers are struggling to remove the debris two weeks after the disaster that has left 2,073 dead to date.

The 18ft wall of water surged through the city of Palu on the island of Sulawesi, 1,000 miles northeast of the capital Jakarta.

The Disasters Emergency Committee has said its appeal has raised £14million to help the 200,000 survivors.

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