My new best friend owes me £2,000 and I'm scared he won't ever pay it back | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I THOUGHT I’d made a friend for life, but my new best friend is making me question everything.

We met four years ago and hit it off straight away. 

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I knew he’d fallen out with a few locals and he opened up, telling me most people thought he was a rogue, but in truth was lonely.

I’m 24 and he’s 28.

Our friendship developed and we both said we were like family to each other.

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Over the last year I’ve lent him a lot of money but when I ask for it back he questions why I don’t trust him.

In total he owes me £2,000 and I’m beginning to wonder if he has any intention of ever paying it.

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 DEIDRE SAYS: It may be best to ask him outright to start repaying you in manageable instalments. 

I’m afraid some people are not destined to be long-term friends and it’s important to know when to let go of these individuals. 

If your friend doesn’t agree to start repaying you – even in small amounts – I would strongly advise you consider whether you have a genuine friendship.


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