Naked couple caught romping in Wetherspoons pub in full view of passersby

A NAKED couple were caught romping in a Wetherspoons pub in full view of passersby.

Video of the couple bonking inside what is believed to be the Hope Tab pub in Reading was shared to social media yesterday.

Footage showed a naked man and a woman in an intimate embrace – in clear sight of people walking past.

The video was shared to Twitter with the caption: "Blimey Spoons. Hope you're cleaning the seats. That's a different sort of lock-in…"

The man who shared the video added: "Absolutely outrageous".

Amused viewers also chimed in with their comments, with one posting: "Crikey, last time I was in the Hope Tap all I got was an iffy pint of IPA".

Another wrote: "Putting in the vote now to rename it the Grope Tap."

One cheeky watcher tweeted: "With all the rule changes they don't know whether they're coming or going."

The Sun Online has contacted Wetherspoons for comment.

All the chain's pubs closed at 10pm on Wednesday night as the UK was plunged back into lockdown until December 2.

The new rules mean only essential shops can stay open as a means of fighting the spread of Covid-19.

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