Neighbor says dad was ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ before murder-suicide

The married physical therapist who launched a triple-murder-suicide in Queens was a “Jekyll and Hyde,’’ a longtime neighbor said Tuesday.

James Shields — who slaughtered his ex-wife and their 6-year-old son as well as his current spouse before killing himself amid a bitter child-custody dispute — would be nice one minute, then tossing wild booze fests the next, said Tony Bekan, 54.

“He’s an OK guy — I don’t know what happened to him,’’ Bekan said. “He’s friendly and nice, but he had parties like Tuesday at 3 a.m., and the whole neighborhood couldn’t sleep, beer cans everywhere.”

“He was not himself lately,” Bekan added. “He was like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde person. He was nice and then, you know.”

The resident, who said he lived upstairs from Shields for the past 10 years, recalled hearing the killer “shouting and yelling’’ at his Dutch former spouse, Linda Olthof, several times in recent months.

But “like everyone, I was shocked’’ at Monday night’s carnage, the neighbor said. “I never expected he could do something like this.’’

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