Nixon claims victory over Cuomo in debate

Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon stormed across the television dial Thursday morning, declaring victory in the wake of her performance in the heated Hofstra University debate show-down Wednesday night with two-term incumbent Gov. Cuomo.

The actress and activist did interviews on NY1, CNN and MSNBC this morning, touting her campaign platform and shredding Cuomo. Her advisers hope her feisty performance will inject new life into her spirited but struggling insurgent campaign.

“I thought that I won,” she told NY1. “I thought I did a much better job of elucidating my vision for New York.”

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski intro’d the challenger with a clip of the tense exchange between Nixon and Cuomo over the sorry state of the city’s subways.

“The New York City subway, the defunding of it, has run it into the ground,” Nixon told the cable channel’s ‘Morning Joe’ audience. “Andrew Cuomo was looking to attack anything about me he could think of because he has a record that’s very hard to defend.”

The media blitz came as most independent observers said the rookie pol held her ground against veteran Cuomo during their first and likely only debate before the Sept. 13th Democratic Primary.

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